When he was about to counterattack, Vetrix called him, asking if he was going to Summon a monster and telling him to wait and let Nistro struggle some more. He hoped that with the power of the Numeron Code, that the one soul that had not returned would be able to. They had been operating under the assumption that were twenty-one passage points. By the time he left Kite Tenjo, his hair was loose and seemed to be the exact same length as it is in present times. [17] He wass even more surprised to see that Yuma can use a "Number C", then realizes that his surname is "Tsukumo" and starts wondering about something. By analyzing that data, they could determine where the door would appear next. Quinton uses a Space Deck, primarily focused on Xyz Summoning "Number 9: Dyson Sphere". Kite recalls watching Quinton leave years ago, and wonders why he did. Quinton's crest grants him various powers. In the past, Chris along with his brothers and their father, Byron, lived a happy life, and they had a dog. Quinton wonders where it is, while Scritch chuckles and reminds him that it is right in front of him. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Scritch laughs to himself and Yuma curses at the Barian from his force field while looking for the "Numb… At first, Quattro acted as a sadistic and malevolent Duelist who wanted to make his opponents suffer, with what he calls his "fanservice", in order to win (in the dub, he refers to it as "spoiling" his fans"). [14], After Yuma left, Quinton and the others stayed behind to keep an eye on the portal[26][26], but Orbital suddenly told them that the portal was excluding large amounts of energy. [6] He has an intense hatred of Dr. Faker due to what he did to Vetrix and ruining his family, with which he also blames Kite for doing his father's dirty work. Mizar then angrily drew "Rank-Up-Magic - The Seventh One" with Chaos Draw], but realized he couldn't play it as "Tachyon Dragon" was not on his field or his Graveyard or Extra Deck, just as the Arclights had planned. ZEXAL anime. [10] He is also able to perform telekinesis, as shown when he raised and moved Hart in the air. After his brothers left, he looked at Heartland Tower and swears that he will get revenge for what Dr. Faker has done. Organization After Quattro gave Shark a Heart Piece, he returned to Vetrix to inform him, which Quinton and his brother, Trey witnessed.[15]. At the Duel Coaster Stadium, Bronk wonders what's going on, as they haven't shown any Duels in a while. Soon after, a helicopter appeared in which Hart, Yuma Tsukumo and Tori Meadows thought was piloted Nistro and Dextra, resulting in Hart using his powers. Quinton ordering Trey to look after Yuma. He was proven right when Trey lost, forfeiting a Heart Piece and his two "Numbers" in the process. [13], Quinton was revived after Nash was defeated by Yuma, appearing in the same spot where he and Trey were defeated by Mizar. [14] Chris eventually left the facility after learning about what really happened to his father. Unfortunately, the allies that were to stall for Quinton as he drove Yuma to safety ended up defeated, leaving his younger brother the only Duelist left. [20], During Kite's Duel with Vetrix, he Summoned "Dyson Sphere" in an attempt to fulfill his promise to Quinton and nearly performed a OTK. Quinton noted that now that Astral was dead, the Barians were sure to make their move and assault Yuma in an attempt to steal his "Numbers". Mr. Heartland appeared before them and revealed that the human world and the Barian World were fusing together. Relatives The Arclights refused to tell him where they were. ZEXAL Kaito Kite Tenjo Christopher Quinton V Arclight Yaoi Doujinshi. After Yuma and Astral made plans to travel to the Barian World to confront Don Thousand and Kite left with Orbital 7, Quinton's and Trey's bracelets started to glow, which signaled that the Barians were close by. Quinton's D-Pad is two golden triangles separated by a layered infinity symbol, with the Roman numerals V on one side and IX on the other, which represent his name and his "Number" card, "Number 9: Dyson Sphere", respectively. Given its hard-to-access Rank, Quinton uses cards such as "Deep-Space Cruiser IX" and "Tannhauser Gate" to easily acquire appropriate Overlay Units for it. The Arclights refused to tell him where they were. [8] After his father's return to his old persona, these traits vanished and Quinton became kinder and returned to being friends with Kite.[9]. Free shipping. They were attempting to find the door that would lead to parallel dimensions, he was assigned to find Kazuma Tsukumo, an adventurer who was trying to find the same thing. [30] Once Yuma and Astral returned, Quinton was happy to see him and tended to Kite as Yuma took his place in the Duel. Quinton, known as V in the Japanese version, born Christopher "Chris" Arclight, is a character appearing in the Yu-Gi-Oh! [13], In the past, Chris along with his brothers and their father, Byron, lived a happy life, and they had a dog. Appearances Quinton left through a portal, leaving "Dyson Sphere" behind for Kite and put his faith into him, saying that "Hart and Kite" will always be like little brothers to him.


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