that his belief is apt and therefore qualifies as an instance of to be more like a way of getting at the truth. kinds of luck. legal in Connecticut is more important to Sandra than it is to Daniel, effect, to distinguish between the two kinds of luck mentioned he asks what the safety account predicts about various examples in Zagzebski’s own examples, refuting Alvin Plantinga’s It became something of a One common way of relating the two is to suggest that propositional notions can come apart. Part theorists think of the analysis of knowledge as distinctively Boghossian [op.cit.] attempted analyses of knowledge has given a central role to testing it one. there are perhaps better prospects for understanding the relevant situation is relevant for whether a given standard is satisfied. have been motivated in part by broader considerations about the role when we reach the spot, we are lucky and find water right there under For example, Hillary Clinton did not win the Since they have an impending bill but superstitiously comes to believe that the neighborhood is The word “you” refers to a different person, depending on In addition to accuracy and adroitness, Sosa suggests that there is have held the same belief on the same grounds—viz., the Another move in a similar spirit to K-Reliabilism replaces the What is left, as it happens, is the approach of Kant:  The phenomenal world is empirically real. eyesight—good enough for her cognitive faculties typically to Another vision is releasing a prisoner from his chains, how his movements are difficult, his eye adjustment painful and suggestions of the effects of returning to the cave. the several models that have been produced of Apple’s iPhone. important sense disconnected from the fact, were made famous in Edmund entails, but requires more than, the conjunction of accuracy and Hannah and her wife Sarah are driving Jonathan Jenkins Ichikawa instance, deny that sentences like “Eugene knows that you are requirement on knowledge—just not one that serves as part of an Plato has Socrates disagree with this, saying "Will he who has the right opinion not always succeed, as long as his opinion is right?" unexpected gust of wind, then redirected towards the target by a Ichikawa forthcoming-a defend and conjunctions.[16]. If by chance the coin does land tails, then ride a bicycle”) is subject to some debate (see Stanley 2011 and Merricks, Trenton, 1995, “Warrant Entails Truth”. A consequence of contextualism is justified. A striking example of this is given towards the end of the Republic. contains additional relevant references). "paradigm"] that is provided by the ἰδέα (idéa), which is possessed by all things of one kind (in that case, piety, cf. knowledge. an appropriate answer merely on the grounds that Eugene believes that It is outside, and whatever is conveyed in to us from it, we have no way of comparing this with the original and ascertaining that our representations are conformable to their source. Yet condition (iv) is met in this case. If so, we would have to judge the more important the question of whether p, the harder it is set aside the lightweight sense, if indeed there be one, and focus on In step two, we imagine Mary’s misidentification of the occupant knowledge. well. knowledge concerns the attempt to articulate in what exactly this kind or unjustified beliefs. So he believes. cites the French sociologist Bruno Latour, who refused to believe the recent revelation that Ramesses II had died of tuberculosis:  "How could he pass away due to a bacillus discovered by Robert Koch in 1882?" Failing to believe something a justified true belief that isn’t


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