all things needed to get the year started, Handbooks & Manuals for Academic Contests, TEKS Correlation with UIL Academic Contests, College Readiness Standards Correlation with UIL Academic Contests. PO Box 151027, Austin, TX 78715, © 2020 Texas Interscholastic League Foundation. Check out the newest Academic Newsletter which includes information about the 24th Annual Capital Conference. Recipients must maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA. Researching the process by which different parts of the brain, including the cerebellum, coordinate to plan physical motion. In a second aim, Tosches and her team will record the activity of salamander GABAergic neurons with in vivo imaging during behavioral experiments, tracking the activity of these neurons when presented with stimuli. Recipients must rank in the top 25% of their graduating class, must attend a state supported fully accredited four-year college or university, and must enroll in a four-year academic degree program. An interest in pursuing a career in education is a plus. tI,R-G�.�]e��Zm��"�K^i�k,C2(oK�O�X�����.p���vP��d����0fső�Dp ? Preference given to UIL State One-Act Play Contest, but all UIL Academic State Meet participants are eligible. Cerebellar Computations During Motor Planning There can be only one nomination from each high school. � �(�92Xo�����^oSM��h\����ETռä��t�8�Mí�� That view has become more nuanced, with researchers postulating that multiple parts of the brain are involved in thinking and planning. Recipient must have lettered in a varsity sport in high school and must attend Texas A&M University-College Station. Texas Interscholastic League Foundation Preference given to first generation college students. 4 0 obj Steven Flavell, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, The Picower Institute for Learning and Memory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA. Recipient must be from Karnes County and attend one of the following high schools: Karnes City, Falls City, Kenedy, or Runge. Studying how gut bacteria influence brain activity and behavior. Many drugs target dopamine receptors which are linked to addiction, and some drugs are imprecise and create potentially dangerous side effects. What are they detecting? Timing is everything when it comes to moving muscles in a planned way. Preference given to children of injured veterans, Linda Kay Wilks Poole Memorial Scholarship. The receptor, known as 5-HT7R, was discovered in the mid-1990s and is one of 12 known serotonin receptors. Recipient must attend The University of Texas at Austin and major in chemistry/biochemistry. The goal is to provide your students an opportunity to test their knowledge and skills in our contest events that are aligned with their courses of study. The Sponsor Excellence Award winners will receive a $1,000 cash award and an appropriate symbolic memento. 'W�7��Q������=����*���z��WhUk��H7[b�HT́H ��0���Ӌ���^Y~�t:)��V���"��S���!H��s�7)��Q�#�m`v��M�V�0��+۸R��!���P���hw���-��4}3d����P_��[������!b��_1���cQ.�~�z4��q�L`���C_y$.��������_N� ��p6Qd���\���b\�R�^��`9�@�'���3�X̧b�ieY�I���^��c��d��og ����ᇘ�Oڻ�Xi1I����d��)�����|Le���L����0��őu For contestants in the UIL Science contests, with preference given to students from 1A through 4A high schools. Preference given to applicants who plan to attend The University of Texas at Austin. In recent years, there has been increased interest in the microbiome of the gut – the mix of bacteria living in the digestive tract – and its impact on overall health. Nuo Li, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Neuroscience, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX, Cerebellar Computations during Motor Planning. Recipients may attend any of the Texas colleges or universities approved by The Welch Foundation as listed here. "This award program is one of the most unique in the nation. Recipient must have competed in One-Act Play and should major in theatre. Her previous experiments have found the GABAergic neurons of reptiles and mammals are genetically similar, indicating that these neuron types existed already in vertebrate ancestors; they also share gene modules associated with specific neuronal functions in both types of brains. Preference given to applicants from George West ISD and to applicants who participated in sports. Preference given to The University of Texas at Austin applicants with accounting or business honors majors. For students enrolled in either the Holliday or Jacksboro School Districts pursuing a career in public education. To that end, Dr. Tosches is exploring the evolutionary history of GABAergic neurons, which play an important inhibitory role in the mammalian central nervous system. Learn how coaches and fans can participate. John Porter King, Jr. Memorial Scholarship. Staff. Recipients must maintain a 3.0 college GPA. To find these possible drugs, Wacker’s team will then conduct a computerized search of hundreds of millions of compounds, comparing their 3D structure with the 3D model of the receptor for those most likely to “fit.” Top prospects will be inspected more closely, and a few especially promising candidates will be tested in the lab. Elucidating Fundamental Mechanisms of Gut-Brain Signaling in C. elegans And how does the brain process these signals and turn them into behavior? "This award program is one of the most unique in the nation. Recipients must attend The University of Texas at Austin. “Leveraging an array of methodological approaches in diverse model organisms, the 2020 McKnight Scholars are advancing the neuroscience of gut-brain interactions and parent-infant bonding, deciphering the computational logic of motor planning in the cerebellum and the gene regulatory logic of inhibition in the cortex, identifying and characterizing novel chloride channels in neurons, and using structure-based approaches to develop new therapeutics that target specific serotonin receptors,” says Martin. Recipient must have advanced to the state level in a UIL academic contest AND have received made a division rating of I or II in a solo performance at the UIL State Solo Contest. Recipients must maintain a 3.0 college GPA. Parent/infant bonding is critical for the well-being of entire communities, in humans as well as animals. Students recognized are Regina Clark, Cassandra Green, Erin Hawthorne, Diana Hayes, Tiffany Howard, Ginger Irwin, Albert Koether, Crystal Mills, Jamie Page and Robyn Pass. For female contestants in the UIL Computer Applications contest. !��Zo(� [��tl�I*]���. Neuronal Basis of Parental Engrams in the Infant Brain 2017 UIL Sponsor Excellence Award Winners, 2016 UIL Sponsor Excellence Award Winners. The University Interscholastic League offers the most comprehensive program of academic competition in the nation. Learn how coaches and fans can participate. were in the top 10% . Award of $1,000, payable $500 each semester of the first year, with possible renewal if requirements are met, Louise P. and Joe B. Cook Memorial Scholarship Fund, Awards of $4,000 each, payable $500 each semester for four years, Award of $1,000, payable $500 each semester of first year.


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