But I didnt know we was talking about Pre-Crisis Darkseid in particular. Prime stomps hard. what do you have to back this up? Oops did'nt see that,still people take BFR too lightly,there are so many possibilities. People need to understand that Superman beating Darkseid is PIS. " How do I put this! Prime destroyed a planet easily. Most of the feats cited for PC Darkseid are just from the Great Darkness Saga, which takes place 1,000 years in the future, and future DS's feats don't automatically apply to present DS. ??? ". if it was current, as in before Death of new gods #7, then no probs! Prime, easily! Superman Prime One-Million vs Darkseid # Superman Prime One-Million 2 overrated characters clash. PC Darkseid will carve his boot on Prime's face. You just stated PC Darkseid, which means he annihilates Emo Prime! before comming to Earth, and then fought and defeated the JLA in a matter of seconds before facing Superman in a battle that ravaged the American countryside and destroyed half of Metropolis, a battle that ended with the death of both combatants, who later came back to life stronger than before. and thanx for educating the masses lol FG! Did you know that Darkseid mind controlled over 3 billion Daxamites without any effort, this being the most powerful psionic feat in the history of comics, did you know he transformed Validus, one of the most powerful physical specimens in comics into a child with a wave of his hand, he slapped Pre Crisis Superman around for fun . Not to mention that Doomsday later defeated Darkseid in battle.How would the insane Superman-Prime fair against the behemoth Doomsday while the latter was in his glory days before losing over half of his strength? It just makes sense that if normal Superman can kick Darkseid's behind Superman prime would straight up abuse it..   Just sayin', @comicdude23:hmm superman prime should be a bit physically stronger but darkseid should still be capable of turning turning him into a baby lol i didnt see anyone try genetic manipulation on Superman prime so ill go with that, hmm superman prime should be a bit physically stronger but darkseid should still be capable of turning turning him into a baby lol i didnt see anyone try genetic manipulation on Superman prime so ill go with that, As long as Loeb or Johns isn't writing it, Darkseid should win./. He is too fast for Darkseid! Prime if it was Pc-Darkseid he gets the win with no question but normal Darkseid get mad  handling normal sups and you all now this one  is above normal sups and he docent mine getting hes hands dirty. Superman-Prime has already proven he can give life with a thought and so he can take it away with one as well. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. How do you come to the conclusion that PC Supes was NOT stronger than Prime? Yes I knew all those feats of PC Darkseid . This is Pre Crisis Darkseid we are talking about here, Prime doesn't stand a chance. Actually, the OP says this PC Darkseid. Well, I guess I stand corrected then. Who will win?! And finally, omnipotence is the power to give life and take it away. Superboy/man Prime is a PC Kryptonian, just like PC Supes, but unlike PC Superman, he was no where next to strong enough, had nothing anywhere near enough feats or showings, and hasn't even been around long enough compared to PC Superman and the feats and things he's done! ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. (Dragon Ball Super) Please leave a like, it really helps! ((Superboy-Prime has defeated countless foes. DrOccult 1 mo 4 d . A draw2. DD when he first fought and killed Superman wasn't that powerfull compared to Superman now and alot of DCU characters, since they've all been upgraded powerwise since then. Superboy-Prime finds Darkseid, but is surprised to find Pre- Crisis Darksied there.)). Personally, I believe that this battle would have one of two outcomes:1. i will go with prime for brute force an speed but with prep darkseid. Voting feed. Prime still has a chance here. enjoy lol, i doubt that PC supes was stronger the Prime. So he doesn't even need BFR. I'm seeing Superboy / man-Prime pretty much devastating Darkside. Hmmmm! Hmmmm! superman can beat darkseid. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Both went down in the fight you're talking about, but Prime would end it much sooner. ", but I'm not seeing any scans from you either ;D. I think Superboy Prime wins here. Doomsday should lose though he is able to syphon the power out of Prime just as he did superman, Prime would finish him off first.


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