7. Study Questions on Romans INTRODUCTORY STUDIES 1. Just like James 4:14 says they are just a vapor, mist, steam, that appears for a little while and disappears. 5. Who are those who “are according to the flesh”? 3. The Law of the Spirit frees us from sin (verses 1-4) II. The BFF New Testament Bible Digital Library has all the Roman study and advanced study questions (as above) plus all of BFF's Bible resources. How? What does Paul say regarding those who are in Christ Jesus (i.e., Christians) (Romans 8:1)? Give some examples. 2. If you are a believer the Holy Spirit will always live in your heart. We’ve looked at some. Romans Quiz on Chapters 6 - 10 - Doing Good. Do you still think the flesh can do any good or at any time be relied upon? In this case they are just believe they are just a higher animal. Verses 5-6. 3 Devotional Questions – Romans 8:1-17, Answers to Questions See Dr Ruckman’s commentary The Book of Romans pp 275-308 and the Ruckman Reference Bible pp 1495-1496 for detailed comment. Looking for Revival? 1. As humans, we can’t look into people’s hearts and that often makes us conclude that a good action shows a good heart. If we allow our minds freedom to roam as they choose, they will naturally turn to the worries and troubles we face, our worldly dreams, or even worse, temptations that may cause us to stumble. It talks about the old self, the one that is full of evil desires, lusts, temptations and selfishness. But instead he forgives you and gives you a great inheritance. To me the word “set” is important. It can guide us, teach us, and tell us about God's character. 15. The second part is from verses 14 to 17. This is not surprising since the first 5-6 chapters focused mostly on sin and judgment and the law. Romans Background |Outline and Overview |. That would be an amazing thing and in this world it will probably never happen. What was the chief advantage of the Jewish people? The law of the OT was not enough to take away our sins. What did “His own Son’” do (Romans 8:3)? But for us it is totally different. What is this inheritance? 10. To whom does Paul refer in Romans 3:9 when he says, "Are we better … A. Romans 1:1 = The Apostle Paul. And it was our sins that put Jesus on the cross. What will the Holy Spirit do for believers? Are you ever like that? Give some examples. What is true of those who belong to Christ? Please visit and join us in releasing God's powerful Word to our generation! We are all naturally sinful. 4. There is one requirement for this inheritance. (The unregenerate) What does it mean to set their mind on the things of the flesh? (Luke 15 has some good examples of God’s love). They are living in rebellion of their Maker. And He often tells of the “life” He will give to us who believe in Him. There is no goal, no purpose, no meaning. I will let you think about that. I just made it up, but it shows the great mercy and love of God. We must have a changed life. In what way did Jesus’ coming condemn “sin in the flesh”? How can we suffer with Christ? How would you answer this? Romans 8:1-17 Inductive Bible Study. List two other advantages of Jews. 98. List at least three changes you desire to take place in your life because of these verses. So we have no condemnation. It says, “set their minds”. Sins were taken away and we were redeemed. 3. Then what does “the Law” in verse 3 refer to? Questions for Reflection for Study of Romans 7-8 Posted on October 25, 2017 by Mark Shields Paul writes the letter of Romans to the church at Rome while in … What does it mean that we are “heirs”? What does “spirit of adoption” mean? We must be willing to suffer for Christ. 1) Who does the “His own Son’” refer to (Romans 8:3)?Â. More importantly, the father knows the son’s heart. 4). You see there are two choices. We do have peace and hope and our life is full of light and love. You might say I am being cynical, but this is what the Bible teaches. Romans 1 - 4 Questions and Answers Romans 1 - 4 Questions and Answers Q. Both mean the same thing. 11 97. What has set you free from the law of sin and death (Romans 8:2)? Well this is like what these verses are talking about. How does Paul answer the question: "Is God unjust who inflicts wrath?" It is a very close and personal word. We were enemies, now we are friends (This is called reconciliation). Quizzes include Hadrian's Wall, Julius Caesar, Octavian, Cleopatra, Circus Maximus, Roman roads, and Roman legions. Use Your Time At Home During Covid-19 to Study the Word! Answer the questions below and then click "OK" to send your answers. But it was never enough. I choose God. 96. And if you were the only person in the whole world Jesus still would have given His life for you. Remember we must put to death the deeds of the flesh and follow the fruits of the Spirit. What does the Bible say our good deeds are like in the sight of God? He was thinking of you in particular when He died. Believers on the other hands are regenerate. See how much you know about these twelve hundred-odd years. As to its place of origin? Look at questions. What are your goals now? Discuss the effects of the Holy Spirit indwelling us. This is a word used for our old sin nature. In the flesh, we cannot please God, because the flesh is inherently sinful. What is the connection of these verses to the previous verses? We should thank God for and rejoice in the wonderful (notice the “ful”, our life is full) life we now have. John 6:35, John 11:25, John 14:6, John 17:3, John 20:31. But Jesus condemned the Pharisees for their motivations although their actions were often right. We are born again and there has been a radical shifting of our priorities. It is an amazing thought. How might their motivations be different? 7 BFF Digital Libraries hold quality slides, audio/videos, more! Who wrote the Book of Romans? These small group studies of Romans contain outlines, cross-references, Bible study discussion questions, and applications. The boy rebels against his father, steals the estate, runs off and uses it in wild spending and crazy business ideas. Use a dictionary if necessary. These tell us to “put to death” the deeds of the flesh. 91. Consider this for a moment. Average score for this quiz is 9 / 10.Difficulty: Very Easy.Played 1,113 times. Before Christ we are “set” on doing the evil deeds of the flesh. If we are following the Spirit our new life in Christ is having the victory. Some translations use “you” in 8:2; others use “me.” This does not matter since he is referring to Christians. You will receive our practical and in-depth Bible study of Hebrews in .epub and .pdf versions delivered to your inbox. This is why you have many people accusing God and Christians of being narrow-minded. 6 To set the mind on the flesh is death, but to set the mind on the Spirit is life and peace. This is a self-test on chapters 6 - 10 of the book of Romans. What does it mean that the Spirit will give life to our mortal bodies? What does the word “therefore” indicate? The unregenerate cannot please God. The teacher's dream! We were strangers, now we are children (This is called adoption). Does it appear from Romans 8:4 that mankind is expected to fulfill the Law? 3) Our goals are completely different than before. Set your mind on something also shows that you continue thinking about it through force of will. I was thinking about it and I realize that non-believers don’t have a good life even if it looks like they do. In the more immediate context of Romans 8, we could include the promise of no condemnation (8:1), the provision of the Holy Spirit (8:4-27), and the sovereignty of God in salvation (8:28-30). What condition is attached to the verse? For whom does the “Son” accomplish these things (Romans 8:4)? After Christ comes in our lives we live by the Spirit and are “set” on following the Spirit of life and peace, God’s law. List the four statements that are made regarding the ‘mind set on the flesh’ in (Romans 8:7 & 8? I personally believe Paul is referring primarily to the sovereignty of God in our salvation which he has just taught in Romans 8:28-30.


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