[106] It is known in Massachusetts as the "Old Colony Line", and is still visible as the boundary between Norfolk County to the north and Bristol and Plymouth Counties to the south.[107]. When extended eastward, this line was found to meet the Atlantic near Casco Bay in present-day Maine. Along with the lease of the New England Railroad in 1898, the 1893 lease arrangement gave the NYNH&H a virtual monopoly on rail transport in southern New England. Other parts of the former OC system continue to be used for freight service by CSX Transportation and other short line railroads, including the Massachusetts Coastal Railroad which operates on Cape Cod and in southeastern Massachusetts. In the following years, most of the immigrants came for economic reasons; they were merchants, seamen, and skilled craftsmen. [75] Dyer was one of the four executed Quakers known as the Boston martyrs. The southeastern part of Massachusetts had yet to be served by a rail link to Boston. The colony's economy began to diversify in the 1640s, as the fur trading, lumber, and fishing industries found markets in Europe and the West Indies, and the colony's shipbuilding industry developed. The territory nominally administered by the colony covered much of central New England, including portions of Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, and Connecticut. [61], In 1641, the colony formally adopted the Massachusetts Body of Liberties[62] which Nathaniel Ward compiled. [82] This and other patterns of trade became illegal following the introduction of the Navigation Acts in 1651, turning colonial merchants who continued these trading patterns into de facto smugglers. Some Indians captured in the Pequot War were enslaved, with those posing the greatest threat being transported to the West Indies and exchanged for goods and slaves. Part of the new route was over the Easton Branch Railroad between Stoughton and North Easton. [55], An additional 116 settlers were admitted to the general court as freemen in 1631, but most of the governing and judicial power remained with the council of assistants. [44], Colonists arriving after the first wave found that the early towns did not have room for them. The growth of a generation of people born in the colony and the rise of a merchant class began to slowly change the political and cultural landscape of the colony, even though its governance continued to be dominated by relatively conservative Puritans. The moderates controlled the office of Governor and the Council of Assistants, and the conservatives controlled the Assembly of Deputies. James II of England united Massachusetts with the other New England colonies in the Dominion of New England in 1686. These included sleeping during church services, playing cards, and engaging in any number of activities on the Sabbath. over the imposition of taxes[by whom?] In 1872, the Old Colony & Newport Railway Corporation built the Shawmut Railroad as a connection between the Dorchester and Milton Branch and the main line to Boston. On March 16, 1844 the Old Colony Railroad Corporation was formed to provide a rail connection between Boston and Plymouth. 1871", Railway and Locomotive Historical Society Bulletin, "LAST CALL: Fall River railroad museum closes after 30 years", "Harrison Square, and Neponset stations in Boston", New Haven Railroad Historical and Technical Association, 1899 Map of Dorchester, Massachusetts with the N.Y. N.H. & H. R.R. [3], During the early 17th century, several European explorers charted the area, including Samuel de Champlain and John Smith. Their settlement was abandoned at present-day Gloucester, but a few settlers remained in the area, including Roger Conant, establishing a settlement a little further south at what is now Salem, near the village of the Naumkeag tribe. [6], The "first Colony" ranged from the 34th- to 41st-degree latitude north; the "second Colony" ranged from the 38th- to 45th-degree latitude. However, as the tensions mounted between the crown and Massachusetts Bay, and threats mounted of legal action against the colony, the General Court did pass laws which acknowledged certain English admiralty laws while still making allowance for self-governance. Puritans did not observe annual holidays, especially Christmas, which they said had pagan roots. Timber began to take on an increasingly important role in the economy, especially for naval purposes, after conflicts between England and the Dutch depleted England's supplies of ship masts. [89] The trades of shoe-making and coopering (barrel-making) were authorized to form guilds, making it possible to set price, quality, and expertise levels for their work. [41], Life could be quite difficult in the early years of the colony. Bridges were fairly uncommon, since they were expensive to maintain, and fines were imposed on their owners for the loss of life or goods if they failed. King James II established the Dominion of New England in 1686 to bring all of the New England colonies under firmer crown control. Since 1999, CSX has provided freight service over several portions of the former Old Colony Railroad network, including lines in Taunton, Fall River, New Bedford and Leominster. This deal also gave the Old Colony Railroad direct access to the important industrial port of New Bedford. Most children received some form of schooling, something which the colony's founders believed to be important for forming a proper relationship with God. Political differences with England after the English Restoration led to the revocation of the colonial charter in 1684. We will use this information to improve the site. The 1872 merger formed a system with three main branches; Boston to Plymouth, South Braintree to Fall River and Newport, and a third splitting from the Newport branch at Middleborough to Hyannis. Judicial appeals were to be decided by a joint session, since otherwise the assistants would be in the position to veto attempts to overturn their own decisions. In 2007, MBTA passenger service was restored on the Greenbush Line between Braintree and Greenbush Station in Scituate. [80] In the early years, the fleet principally carried fish to destinations from the West Indies to Europe. The Fall River Railroad had been formed on August 8, 1845, with the consolidation of three companies; the Fall River Branch Railroad, the Randolph and Bridgewater Railroad and the Middleborough Railroad. John Sever of Kingston, Massachusetts served as the first president of the Old Colony Railroad Corporation from 1844-1845. With the opening of Boston's South Station in 1899, the Kneeland Street Station was taken over by the Boston and Albany Railroad as a local freight office. Since December, 2000, Amtrak has also used this line for the Acela Express high-speed passenger rail service to Washington, D.C. On March 1, 1893 the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad (NYNH&H) – commonly known as the New Haven Railroad – leased the entire Old Colony system for 99 years, which by then included the leased Boston and Providence Railroad and everything substantially east of it, as well as long branches northwest to Fitchburg and Lowell. [53] They formed the first council of assistants and voted (contrary to the terms of the charter) that they should elect the governor and deputy from among themselves. The Massachusetts Bay Colony (1628–1691), more formally The Colony of Massachusetts Bay, was an English settlement on the east coast of America around the Massachusetts Bay, the northernmost of the several colonies later reorganized as the Province of Massachusetts Bay. At this point, the newly acquired lines became known as the Cape Cod Division, with a new superintendent's office located at Hyannis. [42] Wealthier individuals would extend their house by adding a leanto on the back, which allowed a larger kitchen (possibly with a brick or stone chimney including an oven), additional rooms, and a sleeping loft. [31] Many ministers reacted to the repressive religious policies of England, making the trip with their congregations, among whom were John Cotton, Roger Williams, Thomas Hooker, and others. On April 1, 1888, the Old Colony Railroad signed a 99-year lease agreement the Nantasket Beach Railroad with service to Hull. This page, Old Colony Correctional Center, is, in the scale of 1, Strongly Disagree, to 5, Strongly Agree, Professional Training & Career Development, Resources for Family and Friends of Inmates, Massachusetts Department of Correction Locations, Resources for Family and Friends of Inmates Locations. Charles sought to extend royal influence over the colonies, which Massachusetts resisted along with the other colonies. [65] Colonial law differentiated among types of mental disabilities, classifying them as "distracted persons," "idiots," and "lunaticks". Handicapped parking is available and all vehicles parked in these spaces must have a handicapped vehicle placard.


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