McFarlane Toys provided Gamespot with some of the recent releases, and some sneak peeks at what's to come. He looks too much like bruce timm or ed mcguiness style. Skip to main he showcases the figure alongside the Robin and the Elseworld Batman figure. Red Hood is all-new, built from the ground up, and maybe a candidate for the figure of the year. Funko Funatic, Historian, Air Force Veteran, and dedicated collector of many things. Discuss on the Toyark Forums› Views: 6339, › Companies: McFarlane › Characters: Robin, Bane › Scale: 7 Inch › Sub-Line: DC Multiverse, DC Multiverse - Build-A-Figure Bane Preview. Thomas Wayne makes his action figure debut, sort of. With his wicked crowned costume, this Robin is a real killer. 2020. I really hope this is an early prototype and that Bane gets more articulation, because this figure quite honestly looks horrible to me right now. Account & Lists Account Returns & Orders. DC Collectibles DC Essentials: Harley Quinn Action Figure NEW, DC Universe Classics Firestorm Justice League, Spin Master Wave 1-4 DC Batman Caped Crusader 1st Edition 39 Figures 11/21/2020. This has been one of the sharpest releases all year long. twitter   facebook square   instagram, DC Comics Death Metal Arrives With McFarlane Toys Newest Wave, The Prom Reveals Nine New Character Posters, Hits Netflix December 11, A Green Lantern Ring Around Her Neck? There is no pre-order of anything. Both figures have the same level of articulation except in one spot: the waist. But it's simply just that: a repaint. Fans can check out all of the current DC Multiverse figures that are already out now and can be found here. Originally, It seemed McFarlane Toys just heavily altered a Flash figure, but no, even the body sculpt is different. Todd McFarlane has posted a video that mainly shows off the scale of their upcoming DC Multiverse Robin Figure.However, at the end of the video, he gives fans a preview of the upcoming … They look awesome but where are the pre-orders? DC Multiverse action figures from McFarlane Toys. They are finishing up the Dark Night Metal line with the final member of the team, and she isn't messing around. The new DC Comics arc is coming to life with this figure, and with his rideable batcycle nothing will stop him. Got a news tip or want to contact us directly? Stay tuned here for more info as it is released for the widely popular DC Multiverse figure line from McFarlane Toys. Unveils 57th Anniv Opening Titles/Credits, Marvel Officially Cancel Dark Agnes, Daily Bugle, Morbius MIA No More. Todd McFarlane has posted a video that mainly shows off the scale of their upcoming DC Multiverse Robin Figure. twitter   facebook square   instagram, New Wave of DC Multiverse Figures Revealed by McFarlane Toys, Bob's Burgers, Family Guy Sticking with FOX for 2 More Seasons, Shazam! The stubble for his beard is a nice touch that shows his age without going overboard. McFarlane DC Multiverse Batman Arkham Origins Deathstroke 7? This wave will contain four brand new sculpts and designs straight from the comics as the Trinity is here with Grim Reaper Batman coming in first. With the Flash, his lightning belt takes away that particular point of movement. In 2020, McFarlane Toys took over the DC Multiverse license and converted the series into a 7-inch scale that would give the line the maximum amount of detail that $20 could buy. Paper Maps Return - Happy Hour #2 by Peter Milligan, Michael Montenat. Are you looking forward to getting your hands on this wave? The time now is 6:12 PM. European collectible site Collectible Kingdom has posted up pre-order pages for the new figures, giving us our first look at the new official images from McFarlane … And When? And When? Flying on in next is the next McFarlane Toys Superman figure with Red Son Superman. on November 13, 2020 at 11:28AM PST. Check them out! I really hope that if they ever get around to doing a regular Bane he isn't a BAF. His waist is fine though, but a little difficult to maneuver eventually. Why does Bane have a Batman symbol on his mask? It's really striking up against the gunmetal grey of his bodysuit. The FlashBat symbol has a semi-metallic finish, but it could have used a stronger finish. New Star Wars Ralph McQuarrie Concept Pops Arrive at Funko, Shiny Barboach Spotlight Hour is Tonight In Pokémon GO, Doctor Who: LOCKDOWN! The gauntlets are chunkier than the standard fair of other Batmen and have dings and cracks that indicate battle damage. The Mandalorian: Sasha Banks' Koska Reeves Season 2 One-and-Done? McFarlane Toys did not give out any details on the release date or pre-orders just yet. Once all four of the figures are united then the real fun can begin because when all of the pieces are combined they form the deadly, powerful, and unstoppable Darkfather! BAF were being done in the Toybiz days, but for true large figures such as Setinel, Giantman, Apocalypse, and Galactus. This is our list of DC Multiverse action figures featuring McFarlane Toys & Mattel with up … © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. This design of Robin seems to be constructed after his comic book design with brighter colors, and a nice smirking face sculpt. Of course, this wave is very Batman related heavy, but at least we are getting a Red Sun Superman that can hopefully ease some of the pain of collectors. Wonder Woman's Future State, Everything Pokémon GO Players Need To Know About Azelf. Superman ends the trinity with his more grudge design, which comes about after being held prisoner by the included Build-A-Figure. Funko Funatic, Historian, Air Force Veteran, and dedicated collector of many things. Try Prime. Wonder Woman's Future State. They have been announcing quite a few figure's eyes lately, and this time we are looking at 2021. McFarlane Toys dropped another bomb as they unveil its next DC Multiverse figure wave. The cowl has a semi-gloss finish with the red eyes having a full gloss finish and catches light easily.


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