Activities to help your students learn, Help your students master basic computer skills in a digital world. The worksheets in this file are in both pdf and doc form, The Complete "Kid Keyboarding" Collection (Newly renamed "Teach Typing" Series) Students will learn how to be responsible digital citizens, what makes a strong password, what to do if they are being cyberbullied and what information is safe to share online. 1. This download includes all 7 of my Kid Keyboarding products at an amazingly discounted bundle. Students will practice coding their Ozobot using markers to get their turkey to the finish line!Courses include a finished line course, partially lined courses, and an advanced challenge where students how to finish the course with correct codes in order for their Ozobot to reach the finish line. A great lesson to follow this one is the "Colors Lesson" (you can download it for free at our website). Children Books Read Online To You By Famous Actors! 1.1 Computer Basics Lesson Plan Prior to Class Student Computer Setup: 1. Keyboard: Keys to Technology - upgraded to 26 pages! Bonus coloring sheet, 5 printable worksheets with three technology themed mazes each. 4a, K.CC.4b, MP.7, MP.8) Center Activity: offers many standard-based computer links to help students practice what they have been taught. Cue the Keyboard. This can be used for students to fill in parts as you review them in class or as an assessment tool. . Phonics Word Search Differentiated Puzzles ~ Perfect for Distance Learning! TechnoKids Primary Computer Curriculum is a collection of technology projects. numbers 1-20 with technology based pictures to go with them -- also can practice writing the number names This hour long If You Give a Mouse an iPhone Lesson Plan would be great for substitutes or when technology fails especially for the younger kids!Note: You will need to purchase the book or download If You Give a Mouse an iPhone. Help your K-2 students learn the keyboard layout, and practice correct finger usage with these interactive and fun pages. Technology is becoming fully integrated into educational curriculum, these activities will build the foundation. Share My Lesson is a destination for educators who dedicate their time and professional expertise to provide the best education for students everywhere. Note: You will need to have The Very Hungry, Help your elementary students understand the names and functions of four main parts of a computer: CPU, monitor, mouse, and keyboard. You may use this with multiple classes but may not share with any o, ⭐Keep student usernames and passwords organized with these log in cards. Origami paper is great for this, or just some colored paper/card cut into squares. It contains many activities to reinforce finger placement and letter familiarity. What’s a CPU? This collection of lessons and worksheets help develop young students’ familiarity with the home row keys on the keyboard. Kindergarten Computer Lessons Consider teaching your kindergartners to use a computer by going over the main parts of a computer and how to use both keyboard and mouse. Computer science is the study of what computers can actually do – it’s essentially the theory side of things. Storyline! Each Set of Worksheets Includes5 printable worksheets5 answer keysProduct Terms:Copyright © Brittany Washburn. 3. Click to open PDFs in a new window. Match The Computer Parts! This package is designed to teach young students basic keyboarding skills. There is also a task that has students apply all three to thier name. Print out a class set using the ethnicity/graphics of your choice. We issue Creative Commons licenses, and we do not share our members' private data with anyone. No, Description: Files cannot be posted in public domain. Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss! Everything from ret, Goodnight iPad lesson plan includes an activating engagement activity, higher order thinking questions to go along with Goodnight iPad, and an iPad About Me worksheet for students to create and design their own iPad apps.This hour long lesson plan would be great for subs or when technology fails! Make these as simple as a coloring page or as challenging as a labeling activity for students. New Malware Defeats "Air Gap" To Transmit Data Via LED Light - We Hate Malware. Here are the types of things that helps kindergartners be successful, basic skills needed and tips for teaching kindergarten students. Purchasing this file entitles you to ONE classroom use. Basic Computer Components Computers come in different shapes and sizes. What component of a computer is considered the “brain” of a computer? What is included:6 poste, Technology Vocabulary worksheets, cut and paste activities, flash cards with QR codes, fill in the blanks, foldables, conversation starters, search and find, and more. Teach the basics with fun age appropriate activities. Students will practice formatting size, color, and font style. Learning to navigate approved websites and learning basic word processing including how to type their names. Computer scientists test and study what is possible using hardware (the physical components of a computer, like the hard drive and motherboard), and software (the programs and data that run on and that live in a computer’s hardware). However, there are several parts on a computer that are universal to all computers. 1.7 Computer Basics Session Survey b. The, Need a great sub plan for the computer lab? Read Across America Day! Click The Picture To The Right To Try It Out!


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