Alfred’s fleet completely cleared the strait from sea marauders. [text_ad] During such a feast the king and his retainers would crowd into the hall, where trestle tables of food would await them. His statue, by Count Gleichen, stands in the market place. The exact site of Alfred's battle has not yet been determined, however, so is a matter for debate. Alfred’s great hall was the heart of the palace, a great timber structure that was the setting for the many feasts that marked the holiday. King Alfred won a great victory against the Danes at the Battle of Ashdown, in AD 871. During the last years of his life, Alfred was devoted to the plans of the union of Christian states against invasions of heathen Normans. King Alfred the Great (849-899) Born: AD 849 at Wantage, Berkshire King of England Died: 26th October AD 899 at Winchester, Hampshire. King Aethelred the Unready drew up the 'Wantage Code' of laws when the Witan met there in AD 995 and King Alfred the Great was born there in AD 847. He was born at the Royal Palace of Wantage (Berkshire) in AD 849. Of Saxon remains here, the High Garden may be reckoned one, as containing the king's palace, though originally Roman. Being located just to the west of Ashdown House, Victorian antiquaries associated Alfred's Castle with the King's troop movements before the battle. While the state rooms were a riot of gilt and colour, the necessities of the new palace were somewhat less luxurious. Wantage Church was a Saxon Minster and the Saxon kings had a Palace here. Alfred defeated the Danish fleet and repulsed the attack of the Welsh. Buckingham Palace finally became the principal royal residence in 1837, on the accession of Queen Victoria, who was the first monarch to reside there; her predecessor William IV had died before its completion. King Alfred, nicknamed The Great, died in Winchester in 899. The mystery of King Alfred's final resting place may be closer to being resolved as St Bartholemew's church at Hyde prepares to ask for permission to exhume and identify the bones in an unmarked grave at the church. should seem to be a bath. Alfred was the youngest son of King Aethelwulf and his wife, Osberga. cellar, and King Alfred's cellar; it was paved at bottom with brick, and by the description of it.


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