That would truly be classic! A slight semi-dry, semi-moist sheen going on from the caramelized marinade. • The Best Poke in Honolulu is at Ono Seafood And why do they have hair on their head? Not stopping there, let’s try making a couple renditions of Smoked Tako, Poke style! Massaging my Tako with Brandy definitely worked out quite well. And it certainly was a learning experience. "Ho, da t'ing last forevah!". A real KORE story, Hanalei, Kauai, Kauai Real Estate – Hanalei Beachfront Home with Vacation Rental. That’s the money. Haven’t seen Jiro Dreams of Sushi yet, but do have it on my Netflix cue. Kauai-based firm, Kukui IT, receives international award for Coldwell Banker Bali Hai Realty’s new web site. Approximate Nutrient Analysis per serving (based on 4 ounce serving and not including rubbed salt): Here’s the rundown on the marinade recipes: From da’ beginning! NAILED IT. There ya’ go. A Kauai Na Pali Coast Boat Tour is a Top Summer Adventure! So! Costco has brought the Komodo back I notice and I don’t see why it would not work. • Flavor profile: Needs more sugar, more ginger, more garlic and more Hawaiian Chili Pepper. Way, WAY better like this then in plain form. Smoking was another way to extend the shelf life of meat, said Jardine, who began hunting when he was just 7 or 8 years old, with his grandfather, a mountain man whose job was finding water for the plantations, and who often spent a month at a time without coming down to their home in Ka'u. Same was the case for the Squid. So glad I stumbled onto your blog and especially informative about smoking tako. Pour the melted butter over the top of the turkey, then season the top with the salt and the poultry seasoning. Brought a bunch back from Kauai couple months ago. Thanks. 1.35 lbs. • Smoke profile: Kiawe smoke a bit too intense; needs to be toned down a bit. Takoyama, Yamatako, Takoshige, Shigetako, Takofune, Funetako, da’ Tako gotta’ go smoke now…, Two frozen Tako… a familiar thing to see in the freezer of those who have Tako hunters in the family, So where do we begin, as well as you may ask? Mix Shoyu, sugar and ginger together. Chisai Tako? This was one SMOKIN’ HOT session! Definitely gotta’ have some Cocktail Sauce and squeeze of Lemon with that. 1/2 cup softened butter or margarine Whatever route you choose, giving your meats a low-and-slow smoke is the best way to achieve tender, juicy, succulent meat with a distinctly smoky flavor. Tako A telling Tako B, “Psst, Squidward, why does this strange vertical land creature only have two arms and two legs, when they’re supposed to have eight? Therefore, if your marinade has salt in it, such as shoyu, it should be in short duration, not long like how I did it this first time. I sped-up the defrosting time by putting the bag under slow-running tap water, where in about 45 minutes they were ready to roll…. Just started smokin’ things recently and can wait to try your recipes and methods. Place turkey on the ti leaves. Your tako looks so ono. Tough call on this one as far as readjusting the recipe. FYI, I just added a YouTube video clip I shot today at Diamond Head Beach, where a diver had just caught 10 Tako, weighing between 1.25 to 2 pounds each. BALI HAI REALTY RED SOX ENJOY WINNING SEASON! Those will be bundled into my “The Great Portuguese Sausage Shootout – Round 2” post, which will follow this one. Minetako? Place the turkey in the oven or a roasting oven at 200 degrees( I usually do this the night before to eat the turkey the next day or in the morning to eat the turkey for dinner). Too strong. This entry was posted 3 oranges The Charsiu flavor and meaty texture of the Tako certainly complimented the nice ‘n al dente saimin noodles, but the dashi broth being almost completely overpowered by a smokey flavor was counterproductive to that. OK, one more angle, this time where I took the whole “job” into the garage for better lighting, however my temporary camera (a Canon PowerShot A470) didn’t really do much more justice…, Smoking session all pau (left to right): Smoked Small Squid Portuguese Sausage style, Smoked Squid Big Island style, Smoked Tako Big Island style, Smoked Tako Misoyaki style and Smoked Tako Charsiu style. 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This meat is so delicious but after about three pieces the smokey flavor was a bit overwhelming. And when I said Java Plum for month, I really meant totally dry. Wash ti leaves in a sink of cold water with a few drops of dish soap then rinse. rinse and drain the turkey. You might like it, but I didn’t care for it, and wouldn’t recommend trying it. Best Beaches on Kauai for Fun in the Sun! • Return to Marujyu Market. Kauai Vacation Rentals - Bali Hai Team Rated Excellent! Deadline to File For Homeowner's Exemption - Sept. 30, 2014, Dine Out for Hunger Kauai Thursday August 14, 2014, Kauai Vacation Rentals – Fall 2014 Discounts, Hanalei Land and Princeville Home for Sale, Kauai North and East Shore Homes For Sale, North Shore Fitness Fair & SUP Sprint 2014, Kauai Real Estate Second Quarter 2014 Market Statistics.


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