Hmm, input signal is good. Re: Irig 2. by mikefearn83 » Sun Jan 29, 2017 9:31 pm . Musicians First. So this will have … IK Multimedia. iRig 2 is a mono input but the output from the headphone jack is stereo. I just wanted to confirm what I'm seeing in other threads, because honestly I can't believe what I'm reading. If the iRig is connected properly, the input will automatically be listed as “Input: Headset Jack.” If you see “Built-in Microphone” instead, make sure the iRig is connected properly. You can connect the audio out from the iRig to your amp. YouTube - Facebook - Twitter Need help? Best of all, it works with most headphones with a built-in mic*, and also with IK products like iRig Mic Lav, iRig Mic, and iRig Pre, giving you a wide range of options for any situation. Our support team will be happy to help and can be reached at this link. Thank you. Top. Many apps only accept mono audio for live streaming, while the iRig Stream has stereo audio, when you turn on the Mono switch it mixes the two channels into a mono channel so you can stream without losing any audio. Is it true that the iRig HD2 will NOT output to the iOS speakers? Someone needs to confirm this for me. Scroll down until you see Mono Audio and make sure that is turned off. Do the same for your PC audio input. The iRig Stream has up to 48kHz / 24-bit resolution and adjustable input gain control to ensure your sound is clean and clear. IK Multimedia. You'd have to connect the iRig output to the iLoud 1/8" input. Be sure to start with your amp volume all the way down, and raise it slowly until you reach the desired level. Designed for apps: I MUST use headphones or output to another amplified source using bypass? The connection routing for using iLoud's built-in iRig circuit is covered on the iLoud product pages. Another feature is the MONO on/off switch. Top. Use a stereo to dual mono splitter, and connect the left channel to your amp. Our support team will be happy to help and can be reached at this link. Peter_IK Kingpin Posts: 14897 Joined: Thu Nov 18, 2010 2:40 pm Location: Everywhere. brianbane 1K Club Posts: 3862 Joined: Thu Dec 02, 2010 9:30 pm. Musicians First. The mic input is mixed into the stereo inputs, to ensure it works with any app, and offers adjustable volume. YouTube - Facebook - Twitter Need help?


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