This video will explain how to turn the automatic daytime running lamps on your vehicle on or off depending on your preference. It is primarily intended for 1990's-2000's Ford trucks but most likely also applies to other Ford models and years. Steps of Disable Ford Daytime Running Lights: 1) Get a Ford IDS hardware device. Then scroll down to the Daytime Lights option and use the OK button on your steering wheel to toggle the checkbox. There seems to be a lot of confusion about Daytime Running Lights (DRL) on the Ford F150 trucks. A tick mark on the checkbox means that daytime running lights are set to on, an empty box means that they are set to off. Why was this article created? 2) Install the Ford IDS software on the laptop. This tech article was originally posted at Enable/Disable Daytime Running Lights. 3) Locate the OBD diagnostic socket in the car and plug the your Ford IDS hardware to OBD port. Thanks to Don Smith for contributing this article.


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