Handmade, hand-knotted, antique and oriental rugs. 1-513-793-9505. I guess I’ve just seen the worst scenarios happen. How to Store Your Rug In order to accomplish storing rug, let's make note of something right away: you can't simply toss your Oriental rug into a closet, attic, basement, or wherever you store items not currently in use. Cincinnati, OH 45242 This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. John: You want to look for a company that specializes in Oriental rugs storage as opposed to just throwing it into one of those storage lockers that you see at the side of the highway, right? John: Alright. We recommend rolling your rug if possible to avoid this issue. John: Welcome to the Rug Gallery, with Sam Presnell. 9350 Kenwood Road Find a cardboard tube that is longer than the rug is wide and use it to roll the rug up. This will protect the rug from insects, mice, dust, and direct light. I’m John Maher. If moisture is a problem and your basement is kind of too wet like you said, you don’t want that rug to be on the cement floor. One person would say, “You’ve got to make sure that you check on it every now and then,” and most people don’t. But when you’re talking about a wool rug, you still have to be cautious about it. You can fold your rugs, but if you do so, fold it softly and do not keep it folded for too long (no more than a few weeks). John: Right. John: Welcome to the Rug Gallery, with Sam Presnell. Sam: Good point. To make sure that your rug stays beautiful and free from moths or other hidden dangers, read the rug storing tips below. I don’t think young people today realize that. That’s great advice. They love that wool and it’s natural fiber to them and they’ll just eat it from the back, inside the rug. Then at that point, lay out the craft paper or, if you want to go to a store that has plastic tubing or whatever that you know, [is] wide enough to put the rug in to. The next step is finding and selecting a proper storage area. If the rug is wet, it is best to call a professional to wash and dry your rug at this point. To make sure that your rug stays beautiful and free from moths or other hidden dangers, read the rug storing tips below. Please do not store your rug in a closet, basement, or garage. Are you just wrapping just the outside of the rug? Just roll the rug up with the brown paper and then seal those edges with some tape- duct tape or masking tape or whatever and that’s what you have to do when you’re doing the wrapping. First, have your rug dusted and washed by a professional rug cleaner. Otherwise, roll it up with the pile facing out and the foundation facing in. Sam: This is one that I always get. Find a piece of muslin, then cover the rolled rug with it. Otherwise, you let that run and basically that’s what these larva or caterpillar type things, which become moths, eat your wool because it’s protein. If the rug is large and not able to be cleaned at home, have it professionally cleaned before storing. How to Store Persian Rugs. That’s a good place to store it. This step will ensure that your rug’s pile is free from moths, moth eggs, dust, and micro-dirt before storage. You have a small leak and you’re not even noticing, it was just ‘drip, drip, drip’, and then, next thing you know you’ve got a serious, serious problem with the beautiful rug that you’re [storing]. Watch this video to see how to properly roll or roll and fold for storage. […] As beautiful as your Persian rug is, there will be times when you decide that it may be best to store your rug for a few days, weeks, months, or even years. John: That’s why our parents [and] grandparents used to have moth balls in their closet, because all of our clothes were made out of wool at one time and now our clothes aren’t as much made of wool, so we don’t really do that anymore. Make sure the wrapping can be secured with wide ties, and tuck the edges of the material into the ends of the tube. You’ll pay so much a month for storage per rug, but if that’s something you can’t deal with in your house or not feel comfortable with it, there are companies you can hire out to that for you, too. Sam: Well, it’s pretty simple. Additionally, do not place your rug in an area where there is no airflow or natural light. Make sure it’s not near an area [like a hot water heater]. I mean, you may not think you’ve got them. I mean, that’s what I’ve seen happen in the past. I’m not a big fan of putting something where you never see it if you can stay away from it, but yes, you can. Request a rug washing estimate online or schedule free, zero contact rug pickup. Oriental rugs can be treated as you would wool rugs. See you next time on The Rug Gallery. A non-climate controlled storage facility or an attic will have your rug sitting in summer high and winter low temperatures, which are not healthy for the fibers of your rug. Yes. John: Right. You don’t want to fold it if you can stay away from it. If the rug’s foundation is strong enough, roll the rug with the pile in. So it’s resting on wood or something that’s not attached to some place. While the rug is out in the open, you can air it out in the sun. I’m here with the owner of the Rug Gallery, Sam Presnell. John: For more information about Sam, The Rug Gallery and oriental rugs and carpets. I’ll say the rugs 9’x12’ is just a standard size. Sam: Another tip I want to recommend also is that there are companies out there, usually storage companies as well as cleaning companies that offer that as a service. A very good place to safely store Oriental Rugs would be in a temperature controlled storage unit, especially if the rug is going to be stored for a long period of time. When you get down the last couple of feet of that rug, let’s say about three feet from the edge of the rug, take some moth crystals you can buy at any hardware store or probably any Kroger’s or any grocery store and just sprinkle it on the last couple of feet and then roll it the rest of way up. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The problem lies in the way they store [a rug]. Behnam Rugs offers rug storage options, but any climate-controlled storage facility will do. That would be a big help. Let me tell you once that larva gets set, that larva can eat you out of house and home. Here, one of our team members has rolled a rug over a sturdy cardboard tube and covered it with a muslin cloth. But, yes. Learn how storing Oriental rugs properly can help increase their longevity and appearance. We can roll the rug for you or even store it here in our Dallas showroom. If a person wants to keep the oriental rug, but doesn’t want to display it at this time, how can Oriental rugs be stored? susan says. You may have to ask a rug store for some wrapping and maybe you can just find some craft paper at the craft store, you know like four feet or I think it’s four and a half feet or as far as the width of it [goes].


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