However, I liked Cheyenne's narration. I'm really sick. A THOUSAND THINGS WRONG. She dared to let herself hope. Like maybe she wouldn't notice it if it didn't move. She did as he asked, wondering where the gun was pointing. For twelve-year-old Emily, the best thing about moving to San Now the door slammed closed, the SUV rocking a little as weight settled into the driver's seat. He exhaled. “Sometimes people did this, closed their eyes for a few seconds and imagined it gave them insights into what it was like to be her. And then the cops would naturally drive out to their house, and everything would unravel. Then, when someone enters the car, she realizes from the person's micro-behaviours that he/she is definitely not Danielle. She took a deep breath and then started to cough, a deep, racking sound. He pounded the side of his head in frustration. (Thriller. Cheyenne knew he couldn't be holding the gun when he did that, but even so, he could still pick it up and shoot her if she gave him any trouble. Griffin just wanted her to calm down, but he ended up wrestling with her, both of them struggling in a desperate silence. ", He hesitated for a long time. Even though he had pulled the blanket over her head as well as her body, the kidnapper had arranged it so it didn't cover her face. Griffin stops the assault, and Cheyenne and Griffin grow closer. Tonight, after it got dark, he could drive this girl someplace deserted and let her out and then drive away again. Within seconds he realizes that he’s stolen a girl too. by Marsha Forchuk Skrypuch ‧ RELEASE DATE: Feb. 26, 2019. At her head, at her heart? Cheyenne sniffed. Her voice was low and hoarse. There was no way the person driving the car was her stepmom. Griffin could hear Roy shouting at him, almost as real as the girl in the backseat, the girl who wouldn't stop yelling. Caught in the middle of the floor, it had stood stock-still. But then Mr. Bing starts rolling gutter balls. Or, will he be able to trust her to do what she is supposed to do in order to gain her freedom? Those who enjoy thought-provoking suspense, people who need something to write a book report on. They had no reason to tell the truth and every reason to lie. "But I won't be able to tell them anything. Things become even more complicated when the inadvertent kidnapper, Griffin, returns home to his hostile father and his criminal cronies, who have their own designs on Cheyenne upon learning that her father is the president of Nike. Somebody was stealing the car! Why should either of them believe the other? A swear word. I wasn't sure what I'd be getting when I picked this up to read. She has to try to escape this situation with her life. Both of them speaking too fast, almost yelling. Refresh and try again. Wait Until Dark, quite differently focuses on a blind w. In reading Girl, Stolen, I was reminded of two bits of pop culture: Excess Baggage and Wait Until Dark. Griffin imagined doing what she asked. What if someone passed by here only a minute or two after he let her go? Stolen Girl follows what happens to the younger girl, Nadia, as she is separated from her older sister, Lida. Cheyenne knows this isn’t Danielle from the sound of the car door closing, to the smell, and the fast speed of the car Cheyenne quickly comes to the conclusion that she has been carjacked. When Mr. Bing joins ... As Mr. Bing's new pet doughnut dog, Arnie couldn't be happier. What held my interest beyond that was the way the author wrote the victim's character—Cheyenne's blindness was tragic but rather than focus on that, the reader is going to concentrate on her persistence and ability to adapt. All of them in jail. She’s waiting for Danielle to return with her medicine to help her get over her pneumonia, when suddenly someone gets into the driver’s seat and starts the car. Readers will race to the end.” —The Strand Magazine, “Grabs your attention with the first page you read...Each page holds new questions that are answered in the most unexpected ways.” —VOYA, 5Q review, “Constantly interesting and suspenseful.” —Kirkus Reviews, “Quick-paced tension makes this a great choice for young adults seeking a riveting mystery.” —Eugene Register Guard, “I finished Girl, Stolen in a day...It is a very suspenseful book, obviously. Recommended to Jenn, Reader of Things by: The YA genre has not stopped surprising me. Henry's prose is clean and uncluttered -- she has faith in her story and she just plain tells it. The novel is a nail-biter with an unforgettable protagonist who smartly and bravely turns her weakness, and her captors' underestimation of her capabilities, into an advantage. She did as he asked, but at the same time tensed her wrists and held them as far apart as she dared. Each was a different diameter and thickness, and some had smooth edges and some didn't. Sitting up, she scrambled back against the door, the one farthest from him. He drove as fast as he could across the freeway overpass. I can't think when you do that. What Griffin doesn't know is that Cheyenne is not only sick with pneumonia, she is blind. She is isolated at home, her dad and step mom fearful for her safety. This novel could be used in a classroom to teach safety and what precautions to take in order to prevent such occurrences or prevent them from going further. Where were they now that he felt he could hold her down in the backseat without anyone noticing? Desperately, he groped across the passenger seat until his fingers closed on what he needed. It was a lot going on all the time. Her world had shrunk to the edges of her skin"). Leave her someplace where it would be hours before anyone found her. After five years in a displaced persons camp, Nadia Kravchuk arrives in Brantford, Ontario, accompanied by her adoptive mother, Marusia. But, my disappointment was soon squelched by the next sections of the plot. He was thirty miles from home, thirty miles from where he could hide the car. Whenever she got money back from someone else, she asked which bill was which and then folded it. Which meant that he could be planning to hurt her, to chain her up in his basement for years, to shoot her in the heart. Francisco is that it's the home city of her literary idol: Garrison Griswold, book publisher and creator of the online sensation Book Scavenger (a game ... As Mr. Bing's new pet doughnut dog, Arnie couldn't be happier. The Ninth Legion marched into the mists of Northern Britain—and they were never seen again. "You can't. Why couldn't she have worn loafers? That had probably only been five minutes ago, but it felt like a lifetime. "I promise." The Ninth Legion marched into the mists of Northern Britain—and they were never seen again. Cheyenne nodded again, wishing she could curl up into a tighter and tighter ball, grow smaller and smaller until she just disappeared. Hmm. The girl in the backseat wouldn't stop yelling. With a thoughtful and eye-opening look at disabilities, it highlights Cheyenne and Griffin's resourcefulness and resiliency as they save themselves—and possibly each other.” —BookPage, “Grabs your attention with the first page you read. Are there ways that Griffin is also blind? Only, at the end, they could still open their eyes and see.”, The engine surged as he drove faster. Members save with free shipping everyday! How would that plot unfold? As the story goes on we see Cheyenne uprooted and kidnapped and left in the middle of nowhere unsure of what is going to happen next. Then she cooks up a romance and a scheme with her accidental captor. Javascript is not enabled in your browser. Cheyenne knew she had a twenty, two tens, and some ones. Maybe she was pretty. Griffin takes her to his home and soon before she is to be released by G. Girl, Stolen is a contemporary realistic fictional book intended for advanced aged children. She wanted him to see her face, to see her eyes even if she couldn't see his. He winced as her head clunked against the window, but still he kept going. Griffin needed time to think this through, but there was no way he could afford to take it. There hasn't been a book by her that I didn't like. Put these two together and you've sort of got Girl, Stolen. (Oct.), Gr 7–10—A trip to the pharmacy turns into a nightmare for Cheyenne Wilder, a blind teenager. I love a strong female protagonist and a book I can genuinely recommend to high school students. Before Cheyenne realizes what's happening, their car is being stolen--with her inside!


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