Students complete a multi-media presentation of their country, following a... Fourth graders identify different French products and the materials used to create them. They select a composer from a target language culture and write two paragraphs int eh form of concert program notes. They discuss the amount of sharing the author finds in Africa. Then, using... Learners describe the characteristics of the painting "Le Soldat" by Geroges Rouault. Your beginning French learners are introduced to 12 phrases that describe daily actions. Students pronounce several phrases in French,... Fourth graders explore ballet. PowerPoint with slides for one or more lessons on describing yourself and others (appearance and personality). In this chivalry code lesson, 8th graders identify the traits of chivalry and explore the history of chivalry in England. In this online interactive English vocabulary skills worksheet, students answer 10 matching questions which require them to fill in the blanks in 10 sentences. Blonde? A comprehensive online edtech PD solution for schools and districts. In this lesson on the Declaration of Independence, students collaborate to problem solve a school dilemma that enables them to understand the issues and difficulties that occurred in the creation of... Young scholars investigate global geography by viewing images in a slide-show. Start by teaching basic vocabulary words and phrases (you'll need to... Students explore French culture. When meeting new people it’s very important to be able to describe yourself. Stage a meeting of the Second Continental Congress in your classroom, then utilize the abundance of worksheets and informational texts in this resource to analyze the major events and consequences of the American Revolution. The guide discusses the lesson's purpose, objectives, and designed learning outcomes. You... What activities do you do each morning before you leave the house for work or school? It presents information on each of the activities the... Students describe their family in their new language French. In this daily routine worksheet, 1st graders practice combining words from three different columns of words to create and write ten sentences describing their daily routines. They... Students discover boats by researching 18th century ships. Then, using a froggy puppet, discuss what you're wearing... Hit all the basics with this lesson plan, focusing on weather, greetings, and dates! They use textbooks, make timelines,... Learners in advanced French classes examine the French resistance during world War II. As one partner describes a member, the other has to... Work a few of these activities into your unit on jobs and professions for beginning French speakers. Students may click on an answer button for immediate feedback. Our friendly host, a little panda, visits the kitchen of different families to describe what they're eating. Interest your French classes in making comparisons and using the expressions plus que, presque aussi que, tous les deux, and beaucoup plus que. For this Naval history lesson, students identify and describe the different components of an 18th century naval ship after researching information on the Internet. Pupils add information to... Healthcare varies from one country to the next. (Change), Find French Vocabulary - Physical description lesson plans and worksheets. They share their comics with the class. In this word work worksheet, students match adjectives with their meanings and fill in the blanks to sentences about wishes. Students complete 21 problems. They use a metaphor of students and a school principal to describe the strained relationship that developed between the colonies and Britain. Fifth graders use a number of activities to examine the events that lead to the Revolutionary War. This instructional activity introduces the rules for feminine, masculine, and color adjectives in French. Instead of having a doll, as suggested, consider having each class member draw a card at the beginning of... Pupils explore the French and Indian War. An all-in-one learning object repository and curriculum management platform that combines Lesson Planet’s library of educator-reviews to open educational resources with district materials and district-licensed publisher content. hair – les cheveux In this measurement lesson, 7th graders estimate the measurement of various items and then measure them accurately. They examine the wars, including the French and Indian War and how they contributed to Revolution. They use this knowledge to design their own... Learners read "The Senegalese Miracle". Then they describe how the family is alike and different. Here's the teacher guide to a unit on family and family vocabulary. Seventh graders practice estimating measurement. Introduce your high schoolers to the healthcare system in France and some of the vocabulary words used to describe one's health. Group your kids in pairs, and distribute this resource to get them speaking! Students analyze art that depicts the modern city and the effects the modern world had on artists. Finally they label an empty map with the countries' names and a short... Students learn the present tense of the verb to be. A review slide at the end prompts your class to practice using the new vocabulary words. Start by having the whole class sing the included song: Quel temps fait-il aujourd'hui. Perfect for beginners in the French language, by the end of this lesson you will be able to talk about the physical characteristics of people. There are 10 short sentences to translate, and a short essay question is also included. Les Descriptions Physiques Unit: presentation, writing activities (worksheets and puzzles), printable games and speaking activities for planning lessons in your French Physical Appearance / Traits unit (Décrire Les Gens). This lesson has excellent project ideas for various student levels including: K-2, 3-5,... Students explore international trade and foreign exchange markets. Students graph their margins of error. "Clothing" French Intelligence Preference Lesson, English Vocabulary Skills: AWL Sublist 5 - Exercise 2a, Pre-AP Strategies for French Language and Culture, Beach Time! Your class might be surprised to learn that mirrors have been around since the first century AD! In this Economics lesson, students explore the nature and history of international trade and examine the nature of imports and exports. This instructional activity was designed in response to a class struggling with Le Petit Prince. In this dance and music humanities lesson, 4th graders practice ballet positions and play a card game using French ballet vocabulary. They draw pictures of different rooms in a house and place objects around the room. Warm up your class at the start of the year by checking their ability to read and unpack dictionary entries. Learn all the French vocabulary you need to describe the most common physical characteristics. Build vocabulary, fluency and confidence in your French speakers by having them participate in some of these engaging activities. They discuss the mood of the statue. Eighth graders empathize with how colonists felt when they were taxed without representation. This is a platform for them to review the geography of France. Several activities are suggested here to develop and further vocabulary acquisition for your beginning French speakers. Learners... Fifth graders play a game of vocabulary bingo. They are asked to describe the shapes they see in terms of lines. Students convert between U.S.... Students empathize with the colonists. Setting up an online dating profile, talking to friends about someone you met, bragging about a new baby, and telling the police about a suspect have one thing in common: physical descriptions. They develop a fashion show, a clothing store, and a crime scene using only French vocabulary. Froggy wants to know: what are you wearing? The Crusades sounds like a glamorous time period in the Middle Ages full of glory—but was it? The final minute of the video provides a quick... Oú est la cuisine? The most important military engagements in the South are discussed and their significance for the outcome of the... Who is Wassily Kandinsky? They demonstrate an understanding of French adjectives by using appropriate written forms of adjectives when... For this vocabulary building worksheet, students enhance their personal vocabulary by learning words that begin with CH-blends. Author: Created by mozartkugel. Young... Students identify and interpret what legendary traditional musicians of Louisiana that allows them to hear new genres of traditional music. Learners plan a Hollywood blockbuster, complete with script and full storyboards, that cover important events of the French... Middle and high school pupils write about three scenarios using the proper French vocabulary.


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