Each year on this day, Catholics are called to pray for and meet Christ in the … Read More. Follow Bishop Ricken on Twitter at @BpDavidRicken. St. Joseph also experienced moments of difficulty, but he never lost faith and was able to overcome them, in the certainty that God never abandons us.”. Copyright © 2019 The Compass News, Inc. All rights reserved. In a strange land, with no helpful connections of loved ones or friends, he experienced the refugee’s classic struggle for employment to provide for his family. May all of us with the means do what we can to support those who are struggling right now. Pray that they not give into despair or lose their sense of themselves. Readers are invited to send us their photo holding a copy of The Compass. EWTN Global Catholic Network will air the brief liturgy and prayer of re-consecration at 3 p.m. While all of these sentiments remain true, a reflection on this particular feast written this year must of necessity take on a quite different meaning and tone. ET, Friday, May 1, live from Our Lady of the Angels Cathedral in Los Angeles with Archbishop Gomez celebrating. May we all turn to him, confident that we will receive similar miracles. So while some may currently be without a job, they can still co-labor with God by serving their family and community. The dignity of work is one of the core principles of Catholic social teaching. but graciously receive them. The carpenter’s workshop would remain quiet and undisturbed for quite some time; Joseph could not have imagined just how long when he and Mary set out on their journey. Confiding therefore in your goodness, I come before you. The feast of Saint Joseph the Worker is meant to be a recognition and celebration of the creative potential that is in every human being; a day to inspire people to build a great, life-giving culture; and a day to present us with an intercessor while we engage in that work. The first is March 19—Joseph, the Husband of Mary. Sincere words from one’s heart, or a brief, simple prayer such as the Memorare that follows, recited frequently, surely will touch the heart of the humble carpenter of Nazareth, Saint Joseph the Worker. Because of this, our work is a way that we can honor God. In the story of Creation, work was part of the original design as Adam and Eve were told to care for and cultivate the earth. May 1 is the feast day in honor of St. Joseph the Worker. that no one ever had recourse to your protection or implored your aid Error: Please be sure that you have filled out all of the fields. Fleeing to Egypt with his wife and young child, in fear for Jesus’ life, Joseph would have been burdened with the difficulty of finding suitable work for what may have been a quite lengthy period of time. In this we learn the secret of Saint Joseph’s ability to weather even the most unexpected and frightening work-related challenges. He truly understands the damage to identity, scarcity of funds for daily necessities, and fears for the welfare of one’s family. Surely, it’s safe to say that just about every aspect of what we consider the “normal” work world has been turned upside down by current measures attempting to stem the tide of the COVID-19 virus. This year, this feast takes on special significance here in the Diocese of Green Bay since we are celebrating a special year of prayer in honor of St. Joseph. On the contrary, the general perception of the Holy Family’s lifestyle is one of the greatest simplicity, even poverty. Many people are praying the diocesan prayer and the Litany to St. Joseph at home, especially appropriate since part of our diocesan effort is dedicated to St. Joseph as pillar and protector of the family. A brief glimpse at daily news coverage relentlessly drives home the stark reality of jobs lost, businesses shuttered – temporarily or permanently – careers halted in midstream. This is a serious issue that I pray will be resolved soon. This is very much in the spirit of St. Joseph. Copyright Australian Catholic Bishops Conference 2020  |  Website Privacy Policy, Australian Catholic Social Justice Council, Social Solidarity in a Time of Social Distancing. “This year, we seek the assistance of Our Lady all the more earnestly as we face together the effects of the global pandemic,” he stated. St. Joseph has two feast days on the liturgical calendar. I pray that we will not forget the critical services they provide and work to ensure a living wage for all workers. Not only does being out of work create economic challenges, it also attacks our sense of who we are. If work is part of what makes us human and a way to co-labor with God, a person out of work might feel tempted to think that she or he is not fully human. Countless saints and popes would advise, simply and directly, “Go to Joseph!” acknowledging the power of this “Model of Workers,” one of his titles listed in the traditional Litany of Saint Joseph prayer. Bishop Vincent Long Van Nguyen, Chair of the Bishops Commission for Social Justice, Mission and Service, issued a Pastoral Message for the Feast of St Joseph the Worker. 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