endobj How to Check a Defrost Thermostat. Pull the defrost thermostat free of its retainer clip and remove the electrical wires from its terminal. They can assist you to ensure correct operation, and correct sizing. Ultimately permanent fixes such as installing insulation in ceilings, walls and under floors will help reduce your heating requirement (and ultimately save you money). Based in Colorado Springs, Colo., Jerry Walch has been writing articles for the DIY market since 1974. The defrost thermostat should be in the closed position when cold. endobj 10 0 obj Once my unit is defrosting how long will it take? 11 0 obj endobj Is there any way I can help to reduce defrosting? Once the temperature reaches a preset level, the defrost thermostat opens, shutting off electric current to the defroster heating elements, much as your home's heating thermostat shuts down the furnace once the home reaches the preset room temperature. The defrost thermostat, a bi-metallic switch, controls the temperature rise in the freezer compartment during the defrost cycle. Some of these include: There are timers built in to the computer control of the unit that restrict how often defrosting can occur. 8 0 obj If the thermostat does not display an “0.000” when cold or an “O.L.” when hot, the thermostat is bad and needs to be replaced. The calibration should be carried out before ice begins to build up. Walch spent 40 years working in the electrical trades and holds an Associate of Applied Science in applied electrical engineering technology from Alvin Junior College. The defrost thermostat, a bi-metallic switch, controls the temperature rise in the freezer compartment during the defrost cycle. Secondly, if the sensors do not stop it beforehand, the maximum time a unit will be in defrost cycle is around 10 minutes. If the unit is undersized for the space it is not faulty. <> Initially you should consult your instruction manual to ensure you are operating the unit correctly. Known as auto-defrost or self-defrosting, this feature is essential for controlling the frost inside refrigerators and freezers. exclusive New Zealand distributors ofHitachi Air Conditioning. Of course the less load you place on the unit the less frequently it will need to defrost in cold conditions. While most people are familiar the general concept of auto-defrost, few people know how the system works. Keep your unit well maintained (as above) and ensure you are operating it correctly. The duration of the heat cycle is controlled by the timer. Attach the test probes to the terminals on the thermostat. Defrost thermostats are designed to open between 40 degrees and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. "�IiG9��g�t]������V����?ngv�n����������} 1��+�. This action is not triggered by the frost itself, but rather by the freezer temperature. stream x��XmOG������"y�3�.E��)mipU$,b\�`����̞��;oXZ@�w��3��>;z}����]��˗��������gq1���~M��:��-�����j��8����`4 �ӫ�E� PE�Px� bz38Pb�o��?�鏃�c�ǧGb��}�Z�W7���2�w�sFh/ }%��Đ$H$�*�wyQ�,[1�=��.-3�������ՠ�?�!�j}M+�ZՀՒ������f����bC�޿�;�(��$�6�j�ݫe��{�VZ�{$ ʥc�p���FFݥr1Q�'9*�{�EW���fc�Z;�z��7���{\ L��jĒ��ݽ�@Wlc����n�34�m��uuw�����6�_ձ"jc�+��c��o> #��)38�cg�X�T��c�#J��t��K�e{- �q��-��B),��q9��Q��z>�/sY�ߑ0���pI?�uJvN�h%�͉������$h������Jo9?���{qIF'7��P�W��B9��&J@�S:E��ϰW/6y�D@ "m�Rq�IAI��%����zzt2j��l��|9|^oR�lp|�!�l�v\��"('[z��>ׁ���z�_80��a�Ύi�5��qK��"��ܓ�\��x�t.�#�)��NIkɈ2h��b��Yr��|ط���^ ������V���H�|�������,��8�ݳp"�a���=��:�P�K�M����k -�����1p>������ 1m����8c7���F3��Bmrv‹o��Y2�C��k [�q��q��)�-gϡD9���Q�>=�V�o�V��i��q�mf�{��Vk aO��!�b�1a_s�A�p�? 9 0 obj x��w\G�ǣƚ��c�O)�%K�����̓�����hL��$6�"*��@�-*�� M� Outside, the outdoor fan will also have stopped and the compressor will be running. Refrigerators and freezers are designed to … Why does my unit have to do a defrost cycle? If this doesn’t remedy the problem you should consult your installer or another reputable heat pump installer. With top-mounted freezers, the thermostat usually is under the compartment's floor plate or behind a molding at the front edge of the floor plate.


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