It allows direct proof of the connection of category $\\mathcal{O}$ to weighted KLR algebras, allows us … Highlights (full CV in PDF form below) Employment/Education: 2017-: Associate Professor, University of Waterloo. We give an alternate presentation of the cyclotomic rational Cherednik algebra, which has the useful feature of compatibility with the Opdam-Dunkl subalgebra. Authors: Ben Webster (Submitted on 12 May 2019 ( v1 ), last revised 28 Aug 2019 (this version, v2)) Abstract: In this paper, we consider how the approach of Bezrukavnikov and Kaledin to understanding the categories of coherent sheaves on symplectic resolutions can be applied to the Coulomb branches introduced by Braverman, Finkelberg and Nakajima. Res. Ben Webster My research is on connections between representation theory, mathematical physics, geometry and topology, including knot homology, the geometry of symplectic singularities, and categorification.I moved to Waterloo and Perimeter in 2017. Brundan, J. , Losev, I. , & Webster, B. . GRASP LECTURE Ben Webster S-duality for symplectic varieties and representation theory. 2017-: Associate Faculty, Perimeter Institute. Not. Authors: Ben Webster. 2013-2016: Assistant Professor, University of Virginia. Ben Webster I'm an Associate Professor at the University of Waterloo, and an Associate Faculty member at the Perimeter Institute. Download PDF Abstract: We prove a conjecture of Rouquier relating the decomposition numbers in category $\mathcal{O}$ for a cyclotomic rational Cherednik algebra to Uglov's canonical basis of a higher level Fock space. 2016-2017: Associate Professor, University of Virginia. Tensor Product Categorifications and the Super Kazhdan–Lusztig Conjecture. I'll discuss some conjectures (joint with T. Braden, A. Licata and N. Proudfoot) relating S-duality in 3-dimensional field theory to the geometry of certain symplectic varieties and the representation theory of "universal enveloping algebras" attached to these varieties. Int. This presentation has a diagrammatic flavor, and it provides a simple explanation of several surprising facts about this algebra. Math. Knot homology and Bott-Samelson varieties Ben Webster (joint with Geordie Williamson) MIT March 5, 2010 Webster and Williamson (MIT) Knot homology and Bott-Samelsons March 5, 2010 1 / 28 My interests are geometric … 2010-2011: Assistant Professor, University of Oregon. (2017). 2011-2013: Assistant Professor, Northeastern University.


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