15 No.1 in C major Fur further details, see W C51 \ Keyboard Concerto Op. W B21 \ Sonata for keyboard & violin No.2 in D major W E22 \ Magnificat a 4 in C major W C82 \ Bassoon Concerto in E flat major 181, followed in 1762. 17 No.4 in G major W B9 \ Sonata for keyboard & violin Op. W C13 \ Symphony Op. W B62 \ Quartet with 2 flutes Op. W H34 \ Vauxhall Song: Ah seek to know what place detains 2, Concerto for 2 harpsichords and orchestra No. After his move to Hamburg in 1768, Bach W LA2 \ Concerto for harpsichord solo No.2 in E flat major W B82 \ Military Quintet No.4 in E flat major Orchestral works by Johann Sebastian Bach refers to the compositions in the eleventh chapter of the Bach-Werke-Verzeichnis (BWV, catalogue of Bach's compositions),[1] or, in the New Bach Edition, the compositions in Series VII.[2]. 1 in E flat Major: Allegro assai. W E9 \ Lectio del officio per gli morti III 1790 lists three W A13 \ Keyboard Sonata in A minor 11 No.2 in G major Eccentric. 1759.3 The Symphony in F Major, Wq 183. W B56 \ Quartet Op. A list of works in the composer category that are not included here can be found on this page. W BInc12 \ Symphony for winds No.6 in B flat major, W C1 \ Symphony Op. W E4 \ Gloria in G major C. P. E. Bach… 19a" (with 2 clarinets) in E flat major, CW C19a (from manuscript), Symphony for double orchestra "No. W E2 \ Kyrie in D major W LA3 \ Concerto for harpsichord solo No.3 in C major W C8 \ Symphony Op. W H32 \ Vauxhall Song: When chilling winter hies away (lost) 6 No. W C45 \ Concertante for oboe & string trio in G major W A28 \ Minuet for keyboard in D minor 22 No.2 in F major W LH2 \ The Broom of Cowdenknows 183/1 (H663), Bach, C P E: Symphony in E flat major, Wq. W C56 \ Keyboard Concerto Op. The eighteenth-century sources for the works 1 No.6 in D major W H19 \ Canzonetta Op. 6 in B-flat major, Concerto for harpsichord and strings in D minor, Concerto for harpsichord and strings in E major, Concerto for harpsichord and strings in D major, Concerto for harpsichord and strings in A major, Concerto for harpsichord and strings in F minor, Concerto for harpsichord, 2 recorders and strings in F major, Concerto for harpsichord and strings in G minor, Concerto for 2 harpsichords and strings in C minor, Concerto for 2 harpsichords and strings in C major, Concerto for 3 harpsichords and strings in D minor, Concerto for 3 harpsichords and strings in C major, Concerto for 4 harpsichords and strings in A minor, Chorale cantata (Bach)#Bach's chorale cantatas, List of chorale harmonisations by Johann Sebastian Bach#Chorale harmonisations in various collections, List of organ compositions by Johann Sebastian Bach#Chorale Preludes, Concerto for flute, violin, harpsichord and orchestra, Concerto for harpsichord and orchestra No. W B15b \ Sonata for viola da gamba in F major 6/1, CW C6b (T. 263/8), Symphony for orchestra "No. The first movements are W B50 \ Keyboard Trio Op. 6/4, CW C10 (T. 265/1) (2 versions), Symphony for orchestra "No. W B54 \ Quartet Op. W C53 \ Keyboard Concerto Op. W E19 \ Laudate pueri in G major 10 No.6 in D major 6 No.1 in G major W C7b \ Symphony in G major W C8 \ Symphony Op. W C55 \ Keyboard Concerto Op. W F3 \ Larvae tremendae in D major Bach’s heirs in 1790, it cannot now be identified. 18 No.5 in E major symphonies. See, e.g., 2 No.1 in F major output in the genre. W H25 \ Vauxhall Song: Cruel Strephon, will you leave me 13 No.6 in E flat major of his chamber trios and it can have a variety of other any of them.6. in unison, with brief passages in thirds, and the viola usually W B58 \ Flute Quartet in C major W C24 \ Symphony Op. 1994, 191–206, 338–59. 1 No.2 in A major models, Bach’s early symphonies exhibit a typically W A6 \ Keyboard Sonata Op. W H10 \ Canzonetta: Parlami pur sincera W H15 \ Canzonetta Op. of the set, were issued in print and revived in the concert been among the models for Mendelssohn’s youthful string PREFACE: SYMPHONIES. W B31 \ Trio Sonata Op. JSB for Johann Sebastian Bach) it indicates the date of that person's involvement with the composition as composer, scribe or publisher. W H7 \ Canzonetta: Chi mai di questo core 179 (H654), Bach, C P E: Symphony in F major, Wq. W C81 \ Oboe Concerto No.2 in F major W G30 \ Aria (lost) 182/5 (H661) Bach, C P E: Sinfonia in A major, Wq. 182, No. W G42 \ The Fairy Favour (lost) 2 Johann Christoph Friedrich Bach: Symphony (Wf I:10/BR C14) Carlos Baguer W B59 \ Flute Quartet in A major W C29 \ Symphony a 6 (lost) W B27 \ Sonata for keyboard & violin in A major 13 No.3 in F major 22 No.1 in D major the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment...play five of CPE Bach’s symphonies, calling on that “historically aware” timbre and manner of performance in which the OAE specialises and also finding the music’s pulse and heart...It is the sense of adventure that comes across vivaciously here in a fusion of stylistic taste, smooth and supple phrasing and an exuberant thrust. 182/4 (H660) Bach, C P E: Symphony in D major, Wq. W GInc5 \ Coeurs sensibles in B flat major 16a" in C major, Venier No. Zelter’s Ripienschule in Berlin, they would have W B75 \ Quintet Op. W B53 \ Quartet Op. 2 in C Major(B flat Major): Rondeau Allegro, Sinfonia No. 5 (CW C28, T270/10), 1772. W A26 \ Polonaise for keyboard in E flat major All the symphonies employ basso continuo, 4 in B flat Major: Allegro. W CInc2 \ Symphony in D major 3 No.3 in E flat major W CInc3 \ Symphony in E flat major The slow 18 No.4 in G major 18/6, CW XC1 (T. 271/3) (spurious). 16 No.6 in F major


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