It looks like they’re marketed mainly to the crafter/scrapbooking folks. Other coupon codes will not stack together with these discounts. Home › Forums › Explore Media › Watercolor › The Learning Zone › Prima Watercolor Confections — Has anyone tried them? I love all these granulating earthy colours :-). I was also very surprised about the Prussian Blue - I've only ever read that PB27 is a reliable pigment. Have you looked at Bruce MacEvoy's website Handprint? None seem to granulate, at least not much. Phone: +1 (909) 627-5532 I don't know what these pigment numbers were but it is interesting to see what faded watercolour looks like! ( and so they need testing no matter from which brand they come from ). The yellow has also faded out of what was a green on the left. Prima Marketing® is also home to a variety of other brands that encompass a wide variety of arts and decor styles. Did you ever try testing them after putting a gloss over them? Sorry meant to give you the link to that other website The colours that fade to a vanishing level are very few and detectable, while light fastness is not that much of a problem when someone watercolours sketchbooks and colour books, or makes Christmas cards and such kind of things. I haven't tried putting a gloss over them and doing further tests. But then we shouldn’t have problem with the colours but with any company that lies on such matters. All Daniel Smith unless marked otherwise. Jane thanks. You can also find me on Facebook at Jane Blundell Artist, and on Instagram as Janeblundellart. Review: Prima Marketing Watercolor Confections: Tropicals Submitted by Teoh Yi Chie on April 10, 2016 - 11:11am I only got to know about Prima Marketing watercolour sets when I read about them on the Wetcanvas forums, and also while I was searching for empty watercolour boxes on Amazon. Hi, am re-reading this again. About Prima Marketing, I e-mailed them a while ago and asked them about lightfastness of their watercolour pencils, but they have not answered. My hairdresser has a little boy who is crazy about art and painting so I will give them to her so her son can have fun with them. This typically only means that they can be used like watercolors, not that they are made from the same lightfast quality pigments that most watercolor paints. I was really worried as it said it wasn't as lightfast. Most of St. Petersburg watercolours are just fine though this brand, as many other brands, include in their colour range some colours that are not lightfast and they are fugitive anyway. The three sets are called Classics, Tropicals, and Decadent Pies. You can see more of my work along with tutorials on my website In the bottom row, all samples are unchanged. Even the burnt sienna has faded in mass-tone. The top row of sheet 3 had Opera Rose as my control as I expected this to fade, just as I expected Aureolin to fade above and the crimsons to fade below. And here’s some reviews showing swatches of all colors, and the admittedly dandy palette box: Well worth it for the price. I won’t be using them at all, but I will be using the box. Thanks for the warning on the Prussian blue and the sleeping beauty turquoise. This is true of Quinacridone Coral and Quinacridone Red as well, so I guess there is some change but not one we see, or a slight difference in the angle of the sample in the scanner. This independent testing is invaluable, are you planning to test any of the newer colours on your palette such as the pyrrol crimson? These are great, thank you so much!I was going to order Quin Rose, but accidentally ordered Quin Pink instead. I couldn't see any change in the bottom row of the first sheet. It depends on the pigments. I have previously written about choosing a primary red - one that can stand alone in a primary triad of red, yellow and blue. A global leader in the arts, crafts, and home decor industries, Prima Marketing® has created magic since the founding of our company. There is a lot of technical information there. All the samples on the top row seem unchanged. Lightfast paint ratings conforming to standards set by ASTM International (originally ASTM, or American Society for Testing and Materials) are often printed on paint tubes. In any case the company markets these particular colours for colouring colour books, sketching and scrap booking and not for artworks that are to be sold. Glass can act as a bit of a protection, especially UV glass. The paints are not great but not awful. The other samples appear unchanged. I saw the sample of green apatite that had been up on display at the shop and had faded really much for ASTM 1 rating. They look just fine to me excepting of course the rose and the purples that are usually of questionable lightfastness and not to be trusted anyway. And did I mention the cute little tins? Classic case.. Anyway, has anyone tried these paints? I also bought the decadent pies set for the tin. It is very similar to Quin Rose but perhaps more on the blue side. Colourless as our dazzling sunshine bleached them out. MON-FRI: 8:30AM - 5:30PM PST I was talking to Mark at Seniorart in Malvern in Melbourne as he is a stickler for quality materials and proper methods. They are called Watercolor Confections and they are sets of 12 half pans in cute little black tins. It is no fun in a finished painting. Keep away from PY40, PR83 and, it seems, PB27. I’ve heard of them but I it doesn’t look like they’re easily available here in Canada. Hi Jane....what do you think about Daniel Smith Opera, SB turq and Prussian behind UV glass? Alternatively, these ratings may also be available from the manufacturer’s material safety data sheets (MSDS) and on that company’s website. If you bought them for the tins, they are a nice bonus. My plan is to use these in my planner and art journal. LIQUID "Watercolor" and "Watercolor" Brush Markers or Pencils: It's important to note that many water soluble art supplies have the word "watercolor" on the package. Rhodonite has continued to dull, but so has the sample that was in a draw unexposed to light as apparently it is exposure to oxygen that changes the colour of rhodonite. In any case colours fade when they are exposed to light and air something that is not the case when you colouring sketch or other books. A nice small metal box to use it for outdoor painting ( with these colours or refilled with other of better quality) and three sets of colours to choose of decent but medium quality paints for sketching, colouring books and scrap booking in a very affordable price.


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