That such pillars were raised by Seth all antiquity has avowed. Compare with French antiquité. Archaeology definition: Archaeology is the study of the societies and peoples of the past by examining the... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples This study is important for understanding the antiquity of drug use. To say that we were excited once we realized what we’d found is an understatement, we never suspected that Greek fragments of the First Apocalypse of James survived from antiquity. Etymology: From antiquytee, from antiquité, from antiquitas, from antiquus; see antique, antic. Information and translations of Classical antiquity in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. The page not only provides Urdu meaning of Antique but also gives extensive definition in English language. Princeton's WordNet (4.00 / 1 vote) Rate this definition: ... (Urdu) Magyar (Hungarian) मानक हिन्दी (Hindi) Indonesia (Indonesian) ; an ancient institution. —, the deciphering and interpreting of ancient inscriptions. قدیم بنا کر پیش کرنا Qadeem Bana Kar Pesh Karna : Antiquate Antique : (verb) give an antique appearance to. —, the field of description of antiquities. پرانی چیزوں کی دکان Purani Cheezoun Ki Dukan, قدیم بنا کر پیش کرنا Qadeem Bana Kar Pesh Karna. ], ancient times; former ages; times long since past; as, Cicero was an eloquent orator of antiquity, the ancients; the people of ancient times, a relic or monument of ancient times; as, a coin, a statue, etc. an-tik′wi-ti, n. ancient times, esp. Antique furniture designs.A Connoisseur`s Guide to Antique Furniture.Inside the antique trade. 3 of 6. Web. To this manly spirit, posterity will be indebted for the possession, and the world for the example, of the numerous innovations displayed on the American theatre, in favor of private rights and public happiness. ties 1. There are 6 different senses of Antique stated below. Hence arose the custom of common meals, but the separation of the citizens into different families from Egypt: for the reign of Sesostris is of much higher, Evidently, then, there were other denizens on Mars than the wild and grotesque creatures into whose hands I had fallen, but the evidences of extreme, The English author, on the other hand, without supposing him less of a conjuror than the Northern Warlock, can, you observed, only have the liberty of selecting his subject amidst the dust of, The modern cheap and fertile press, with all its translations, has done little to bring us nearer to the heroic writers of, For the hereditary prince has less cause and less necessity to offend; hence it happens that he will be more loved; and unless extraordinary vices cause him to be hated, it is reasonable to expect that his subjects will be naturally well disposed towards him; and in the, I shall content myself with barely observing here, that of all the confederacies of, Such a fallacy may have been the less perceived, as most of the popular governments of, The Hymn is doubtless a very ancient form; but if no example of extreme, The date, I may thus say, in regard to the remoteness of its, After peeping into several wine-shops, she stopped at the sign of the Good Republican Brutus of, The surmise of my maturer years is that, bored by her interminable life, the venerable, The scenery of the Bible is about you--the customs of the patriarchs are around you--the same people, in the same flowing robes, and in sandals, cross your path--the same long trains of stately camels go and come--the same impressive religious solemnity and silence rest upon the desert and the mountains that were upon them in the remote ages of, पुरानी एवं ऐतिहासिक वस्तुओं का कारोबार करने वाला, العُصُور القَديمَة الرُّومانِيَّة وَاليونانِيَّة, Dictionary, Encyclopedia and Thesaurus - The Free Dictionary, the webmaster's page for free fun content, Antiques and Collectables Organization of Woodruff SC, Antiques and Collectibles Dealer Associations, Antiquus Arcanus Ordo Rosae Rubaea et Auraea Crucis, Antiracist Multicultural Education Network of Ontario. The definition of Antique is followed by practically usable example sentences which allow you to construct your own sentences based on it. "She goes shopping every Friday". STANDS4 LLC, 2020. the times of the ancient Greeks and Romans: great age: (Shak.) —, the scientific study of human remains and artifacts. Aged Elderly Older Senior : بوڑھا Burha : advanced in years; (`aged` is pronounced as two syllables). قدیم شخص Qadeem Shakhs بڑی عمر کا شخص Badi Umar Ka Shakhs : Gaffer Old Geezer Old-Timer Oldtimer Antique : (noun) an elderly man. —, the study of ancient Egyptian language, history, and culture. See Antique. What does Classical antiquity mean? ’ ‘Urdu and Hindi are two sister languages and they should be brought together, he added. 6 of 6. A thing, such as a ruin or an object, that dates from ancient times.


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