All employers must carry out a workplace risk assessment, including any risks to pregnant women or new mothers, and do all that is reasonable to remove or reduce any risks. The baby’s father or your partner has the right to time off work to go to 2 antenatal appointments. refusal of training or promotion opportunities, pressure to resign or to take a demotion because of time off for antenatal care, pregnancy or pregnancy-related sickness. If you usually work 9 – 5 and you have a morning appointment, you would be expected to return to work afterwards and to work until 5pm. As with expectant mothers, there is no qualifying period for employees. Can I get time off for antenatal classes as a temporary agency worker? When your partner can get time off to come with you Your partner has the right to time off work to come with you to 2 antenatal appointments. For more information, see Rights for fathers and partners. Some employers offer paid time off so you should check with your employer. Can I take time off work to attend antenatal classes? My employer is refusing to pay for antenatal classes? Will I have the same job when I return from maternity leave? If you are an employee, you have the right to take reasonable time off for your antenatal appointments, including time needed to travel to your clinic or GP, without loss of pay. You would be deemed to have a ‘qualifying relationship’ with a woman or her expected child if: You need to complete form FW8 to obtain a Maternity Exemption certificate, available from your GP or midwife. 6478568 To show discrimination a woman does not have to compare. Does the pregnant employee have to prove that they have an appointment? What if I work freelance? This may include relaxation classes, parent craft classes, etc. IOSH Managing Health & Safety Risks in the Education Sector, HSE carrying out COVID spot checks in transport and logistics sector, Turning a blind eye to workplace bullying | What employers can learn from the PM’s handling of Priti Patel, Tier we go again | What employers need to know about new post-lockdown rules. Email:, Company no. For information for employees and employers about pregnancy and maternity rights in the workplace see:, projects/managing-pregnancy-and-maternity-workplace, The government’s online information service, To make new telephone benefit claims or request claim forms, including Maternity Allowance and Sure Start Maternity Grant: 0800 055 6688 Mon – Fri 8am – 6pm, For ESA/JSA/Income Support claims: 0800 169 0310 Mon – Fri 8am – 6pm, For Maternity Allowance claims: 0800 169 0283 Mon – Fri 8am – 6pm, For Sure Start Maternity Grant claims: 0800 169 0140 Mon – Fri 8am – 6pm, Universal Credit helpline – if you cannot make an online claim: 0800 328 9344 Mon – Fri 8am – 6pm. Yes, you are entitled to be paid as though you were still at work, at your normal hourly rate. Do I need to provide proof of appointments? I work part-time. If you are not sure about your employment status you should get advice. I've been sacked because I'm pregnant. Do pregnant employees have a right to time off for antenatal classes? Can I take paid time off for my antenatal appointments? Are you aware of how much you need to pay expectant mothers or fathers? It is very important to get up-to-date advice as law and guidance changes. Your employer should accept a note from your GP or midwife or other written proof of pregnancy. This time off is usually unpaid and is for a maximum of 6.5 hours for each appointment. If you work for an agency or do casual work, you are probably not an employee unless it is stated in your contract or terms and conditions of employment. Fathers and partners who are employees are entitled to unpaid time off for up to two antenatal appointments (maximum of 6.5 hours per appointment). In the build up, BLOG After an inquiry uncovered evidence of bullying by Home Secretary Priti Patel, the nation waited for Boris Johnson to take action. This guide is for information purposes only and should not be treated as legal advice. For more information, see Dealing with problems at work. Do fathers-to-be get time off to attend ante-natal appointments? The maximum amount of time off that can be taken is 6.5 hours per appointment. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Some employers offer paid time off so you should check with your employer. My maternity leave is about to finish and I am pregnant again. I am an agency worker, am I entitled to paid time off for antenatal care? Do you know what the law says about time off to attend antenatal appointments? What are my rights? The law says that it is pregnancy discrimination to treat a woman unfavourably because of her pregnancy (Equality Act 2010 s.18). My employer says I'm not eligible for maternity pay as I'm a worker rather than an employee. If you do casual work and are an employee you are also entitled to paid time off for antenatal care if you have to attend an appointment when you would normally be at work. Antenatal care can include classes such as relaxation, parentcraft or smoking cessation classes if these are recommended by your midwife of GP as part of your care.


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