Best way to confirm is to take a video ( if the snake is still there) and publish it.I am extremely fond of snakes and if the snake exists really , request people not to scare it or harm it. | via @backdoor2world. For Booking contact DFO Mangalore, Ph: 0824 2423913, Fax : 0824 2411242. but speaking honestly about the fact the 5 headed snake do exists. don’t spoil the temple name……………….. this is a unbelievable to other country but it may be possible in India. Just like due to genetic impairments 2 headed people get born, multiheaded snakes can also be born. if anyone need then give me mail ID I will send you, if u have d@ photo send me also… i also dont think this is real, Pls send me ur picture of photo shop of 7 headed snake, My Mail : r_triple@ rocketmail. IF its true, there will be video’s capture of the 5 headed cobra. KSRTC buses are operating buses daily from these two places. Get a finance at affordable interest rate of 3%, Do you need this finance for business and to clear your bills? very poor use of photoshop… the creator is not so skilled… nice idea but poorly executed.. better luck next time, Guys.. bt after some time i am dam sure its a great work on photoshop. but can,t see in real..Apr 2 It’s a wonder five head snake, but i am confuse is it a real ? It symbolizes the three processes of creation, namely creation, preservation and destruction. Animals with more than three heads abound in mythology, but do not exist in the real world. Dont ignore our culture as our culture is the richest culture of all in all fields of science. .some guys said its fake. this is real one so plz dont make any fun of it. only heard about it on shri krishna,but i guess its the truth,because i myself had seen two headed snake in reality.its truth and we shouldn’t question on our puran and should believe. ye to bhagvanka karishma he ! some one done good work by photoshop, and yes want to say dont spoil Indian temples values by this rubise. I believe in God if it is fake, then the one who faked his head will be blown into 5 peaces, thats a big fake snake photo created by software. and also snakes are almost connected with every hindu god ……………..i was just slow in response VANIApr 2 D Kame – What I want to know is this buzzer is the same sexy singer Samantha Fox from the 80’s Vailankani Sadana Lodge & Victor Kalamandira, Near Post office ., TEACH ENGLISH ONLINE AND GET MONEY! bottom line is its been photoshoped and its actually done very badly you can tell its a fake. @sarvesh……the five headed snake was false……it clearly declared by kukke temple authorities……u can check in kukke website…. neither ‘yes’ mor ‘no’). Everything is possible..everything is in ALLAHS hand Use some sense, I’ll capture tons of it and even video it. .search in google “ayya vaikundar avatharam”. this is a artificial picture created in photoshop. Kukke Subramanya is the famous temple. Now snakes use venom to protect themselves and their children. i also know its a photoshop work. I didn’t realize What is depicted in the pics is actually a Divine Being (Hinduism, I supposed?). Pls protect hinduism greatness. Samantha Fox – @Vani .. What made them think of this? .dunt coment like bldy mother #@#@ers with out known about dis. I am not associating this snake with any mythology or religious belief. The following photographs, which have been published on a number of websites, show the original source images used to create the fake five-headed snake images: The original photographs were taken at a snake farm in Thailand in 2003 by blogger, Tien Chiu. I wish the guy who used photoshop had some brains inside his single head. In This Country Lord Ganesha also took milk! bakvas hai ! It is really worked with a good photographers hand.Donot believe this believe only god. 1st pic: Ali Hoseini Nejad – wondrous!Apr 2 Facilities to devotees at Subrahmanya: Sultan of Brunei (King Of Luxury) Super rich. Unique wedding pictures of world leaders. !Apr 2 The original photo (?) SEE  1MALAYSIA CAN!!!!!! PLEASE DON’T PLAY IN THE NAME OF GOD, yes mam in the name of god people should not cheat. 3. .. .5headsnake in back side of god narayanaswamy’s. Postal Address: Moreover, although the message suggests that the two images show the same, five-headed snake, it is very clear that the second image does not depict the same snake that is shown in the PICTURE. Dharmasthala: around 70 km I was so surprised to see this picture when a friend of mine sent it to me. I heard Chitra saying there is a traing from Mangalore…Do we have train from Bangalore…. 2. Someone has used photo shop. but Image 2 is a real photo…, five headed snake can’t visible in kaliyuga , beacuse we are not 100% purified to see the god image Enter your comments here…. < via @AddThis, snake with 5 heads !!! i think its not a real snake . Utter RUBBISH… the people who post such stupid things on the net has to be punished first.. Because of such fools people are confused on which are the real n which is fake .. Joey Bunting – Truly terrifying. Many people in the place claim that they have seen multiple hooded snakes. If a snake like this exists, what it has to do with god or temple. I'm sure it will be surprising to most of you as much as myself, to see such a rare species still being alive. Temple is already famous. 1. !st pic is pure photoshop work…and second one seems like someone has put a dummy snake there and clicked it….it seems totally unreal!!…. But you can watch it from below link: Above photos found here:, Kukke Subramanya is a Hindu temple located in the small, rural village of Subramanya in the Western Ghats of Karnataka, India, about 105 km from Mangalore. i believe. *Investments Loans. |, A snake found near Kukke Subrahmanya with 5 heads…. *REAL*NOT FAKE* And the snakes are single headed.. if u dont belive on it dont do we r forcing u to do this but atleast dont hurt the devotees. Ph : 08257-281283, A five headed snake found in Kukke Subramanya, …true? We are certified, trustworthy, reliable, efficient, Fast and dynamic for real estate and any kinds of business financing. This Is An Attempt To Exployate The Religious Faith Of Ordinary People. Have A Very Profitable Stay At Home Business Teaching English On The Internet! Master The Basics Of Adobe Photoshop! Totally fake fake fake … I made a snake with 20 heads …den which one most powerful yours or mine? They can be seen commonly in all temples. Hats of to you! Shanmukha Lodge, Near KSS College, Subrahmanya Karnataka – INDIA, Accomodation near Kukke Subramanya Temple. Only superstitious people would believe. *Personal Loans. You can do ur own research before coming to a conclusion. 4. Kukke subramanya can be reached by road from Mangalore and Bangalore. I’m from South Africa. the two snakes are different in vision i think its a graphical work. May be they dont have train from there to Kukkesubramaniyan…. If this snake is real or not ? it’s really shocking, some people r telling dat the snake s fake…nd it s edited in photoshop………..grow up frnds…go there nd see….its amazing snake i have seen it…………, Αν δεν είναι φωτομοντάζ, μιλάμε για ξαδερφάκι της Λερναίας Ύδρας; (πηγή Bilkul bakwas…….. 1st photo clearly shows the prank. .if god iz true 5 head snake also true. It’s really funny. When found five headed snake i was there so i belive it n its a true, if this was true…lol there would be hundreds of images of this snake and it would go on tv as a new finding, but its a very poor photoshoped image, hence why the person who made this only had chance to create 2 images, think about it if you had a camera and were there you wouldnt only take 2 pictures would you. We can plan and go togther to reach on this snake.. Have you been turned down Constantly by your Banks and other financial institutions because of bad credit? Well done !!!! .have u ever seen god b4. Is it a giant mystery river snake – or just a Ph... Everybody Gets Wrinkles, Some Day — Some More So T... Airport / Travel Problems for “Normal” People. Kazuhiro Kakuta – Anyway….scared…….(O_o)WAO!! We offer our services to both government and companies in any part of the globe. 2. Shame to the person who created this fake image. :):):):):). The first photo seems natural and it also came out in one of the Marathi dailies in Mumbai yesterday.That matches exactly with the first photo here.Multi headed creatures are generally regarded as deformations in medical science but usually they do not survive for long. – Mahesh Kukke Subrahmanya, ayyo huchra nambteevi antha hinga nambsodu, en advance april fool madtideera, Jason ON – Probably not.Apr 2 Double bed rooms, Parking , Generator, Hot Water, 7.


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